Is Email Domination a scam? Maybe a product you can take a look.

Review on Email Domination by Anthony Morrison

Product Name: Email Domination

Owners: Anthony Morrison

Price: $67 + Upsells

Website: emaildomination.com

Rating: 65/100


The thing about email marketing being an important tool to your online business is it will enable you to do a follow up on information or sent promotions to your subscribers that you are campaigning. But how can you attract subscribers to open your email or increase the click rates from your email campaign?

When I first tried email marketing, I did not know what the hell I am doing. I bought an autoresponder and took some examples out of a few email subscriptions and launch it. It was a disaster with a capital D! I did not have any subscribers for a few weeks or so and to my disappointment, none of my subscribers read my follow up emails.

To be honest, email marketing can be your asset if you know how to do create an interesting campaign and engaged with your subscribers. However, if you are new to email marketing and eager to move on, you will be disappointed like me. So, later on after my failed campaign, I did some research online while seeking advice from fellow marketers, I was recommended on a great product on email marketing by Andre Chaperon and the rest is history.

There are a couple of programs in the internet which is I do recommend on email marketing and a few are not worth looking at. This product which I am going to review can be useful to you but you decide.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is Email Domination?

Anthony Morrison is a familiar guy in the internet marketing industry and have created a couple of products and training programs. I have reviewed one of his program and although you can see he is an honest guy, I think he is not the guru I would like to follow.


Email Domination is created by Anthony Morrison and in this program, you will learn a few things on email marketing such as writing contents and campaigning. There is a software called the inbox multiplier that is included in his program and there are video tutorials on step by step training by Anthony Morrison himself.

One of the most difficult thing to do is writing an email content. You have to think hard on how to engage with your subscribers and worst of all, your email will not be read by your subscribers. I like the idea of video tutorials done by Anthony Morrison and his explanations are clear and easy to understand.

Should you follow Email Domination?

There will be a onetime payment of $67 which is it fairly affordable but I have to tell you that there are upsells when you join the program. Basically, when you join the program, you will be introduced to an upsells on email contents by professional copywriters and thereafter, an upsell on CPA (Click Per Action) marketing. So, actually, you will be spending more than $67 on the program.


One of the disadvantage when you join Email Domination is it doesn’t teach you to build a list of subscribers and can be a bit frustrating for new marketers. So, I do not recommend this to you if you are new to internet marketing. Anyway, Email Domination is best suited for those who have a fair bit of subscribers and would like to improve upon their website and increase their subscriber list.


So is Email Domination a scam? For the training programs Anthony introduced, I don’t think this product is a scam. But I am not into his upsells. You may want to try out this program and please stay away from the upsells.

If you are new to internet marketing, I am not recommending you to jump straight into email marketing as there are a lot of strategies to learn from this tool. Writing contents can be frustrating and you will need some techniques to write an interesting contents for your follow up emails.

If you are new, you will need to check out my #1 product which you can learn the fundamentals of creating a website, hosting, blogging, etc. There are a few courses which covers email marketing. Also, please leave me your email and name at the right hand corner and join my FREE 5 days affiliate marketing course.

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