Is My Secret Sites Scam – Avoid This Secret

There are several kinds of scams; some are more blatant as compared to others.

In this review, will try to discover more about My Secret Sites, which is quite a hit now.

This alleged money making technique is becoming a hype without offering any solid proof or realistic profits.

Is it legit or not?


Scarcity Tactics

Spots for this system are said to be very limited. In our area, they say only 18 are available. How come? This is a digital product. People should realize that there should be a limitless supply of it.

Scarcity tactics are used legally, with items and services being taken off after sales or through time. But since My Secret Sites page is accessible online. You can definitely get it anytime!

The tactic here is to make you rush your purchase, thinking that you will run out of slots. So, you end up paying for it without checking properly.


Sales Video

This page is hidden from Google, as they do not care about this random affiliate marketing site. But what has Facebook got to do with this company?

The 25minute video clip you will watch after signing up is just pure teasers and stories without real evidences. It talks about affiliate marketing and how you can enjoy “passive” profits. While it is true that you can continuously earn money with this type of business even when you are away from the computer or asleep, there are still a lot of works that goes with it at the beginning. There is no shortcut.

The video offers no additional and valuable information about the company itself. All it gives are false hopes and expectations.


Fake Reviews


You would see random photos or people whose faces are just being used to advertise this product.

You can check the images on Google and you will not feel confident at all that these reviews are real!


Trust Guard

If it cannot be linked to Trust Guard, then how can we prove that it is legit?

The website’s footer has some badges from Trust Guard, which is a business that proves legitimacy of a business. The logos on their page are not legit.

The links or badges will direct you to a different site called SafeDomainVerify, which is known to have several issues.

First, it was just created last January. Next, it does not reveal any information about its owners, which legit businesses do.

Third, if you would visit their site, you would see an error. They do not have a proper page. It has even been indexed by Google because of this error.


Unrealistic Claims

The claims made by My Secret Sites on their page are unimaginable. The numbers and techniques are unrealistic. They are only there to make you believe that you can make money with a blink of an eye. The legal blurb basically says this is faux!


Sales Redirect

Normally, if you would try to close a sales pitch, a pop up will appear and will ask you to stay. If you would choose to stay, you will be given a discount. That is a popular tag line.

This is not true with My Secret Sites. Instead of offering you a discount, it will direct you to a new page advertising a totally different product.



I am not recommending you to buy My Secret Files as it is obviously not legit. The offers alone should make you believe that it is impossible to earn such big amounts of cash instantly and without efforts.

Can this site help you make money? Maybe, but not as fast and as big as it claims. Just like any other affiliate marketing businesses, it will take time.

There is also no information about the company and support. They can disappear anytime. You will likewise not get the help you need to survive the challenges of online marketing.

It is best to check other options if you are really interested in doing affiliate marketing.

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