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Digital Millionaire Secret


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Finding an income opportunity online seems to be simple considering there are many companies offering different types of businesses that will help you earn your own income. But there are also get rich quick schemes that you should not fall because they will likely scam you out of your money. If you are looking for an online opportunity to earn from home you have probably come across the Digital Millionaire Secret. Just like the many others it also offers an online business that you can start in order to earn your own income from the internet. But just as any prudent person will do you need to check whether this is a legitimate opportunity to earn money and ask is Digital Millionaire Secret a scam? Let us take a look on its money making opportunity more closely.

Is Digital Millionaire Secret a scam?

Digital Millionaire Secret offers a system that will help you build your own income online through its multi-level marketing program. It works by purchasing a membership that will give you an access to different products that you can sell through its different affiliate sites which it calls funnels. This funnel offers a digital marketing system that will offer people to buy the product called Digital Attitude.  You need to purchase the products that you will sell and you will also get an income through commissions from the people who signs up through your affiliate sites. The sales page of the Digital Millionaire Secret claims that you can earn as much as $2740 in a day and the main focus of its business is pushing you on promoting its products than providing resources to help you learn how to make an income online other than selling its products and getting people to sign up for its business.

How you can earn from Digital Millionaire Secret?

Before you proceed to start earning you need to pay for the membership fee of $37. This will give you access initially to the digital product Digital Attitude but not the Digital Millionaire Secret. There are steps that you need to do to proceed and along the process it will cost you more as you need to make additional subscriptions for various products that will cost you from $59 to $200. As you continue the products get more expensive that will cost you a total of $56,000 if you purchase all products.

The Digital Attitude products come in different types and prices. You need to purchase them first before you can start earning commissions for every product you sell. But that’s not where the costs you pay ends. You are also required to sign up for a membership to be eligible in buying those products. The base membership costs $595, rise membership costs $2000, ascend membership costs $10,000, peak membership costs $17,000 and apex membership costs $28,000. As compared to other digital products that let you their training programs, you will be the one selling these products as an affiliate. The products from Digital Millionaire Secret are cheaper and you will earn more as you sell more. However the commissions are lower than what you can earn from Digital Attitude products.


Digital Millionaire Secret


Technically Digital Millionaire Secret is not a scam. It offers a legitimate way of earning an income. By signing up you are able to get the opportunity to earn. However, it will entail more hard work as you will be selling to earn. There are also coaches that can help you start your affiliate business.


The very big downside of Digital Millionaire Secret is its misleading sales ads. They are overly hyped and overstated which can somehow give potential customers some misconceptions that it can offer them a quick way to earn cash. The amount it advertises that one can earn in a day is overstated and not practical to achieve although it is possible but it usually takes more effort to sell to be able to earn. While the coaches are helpful in providing assistance on starting your own affiliate business they are actually sales persons who will push you for buy upsells and additional products that can be costly. Also there are hidden costs that are not revealed from their sale ads in order for you to maximize the use of its digital products.


Is Digital Millionaire Secret a scam? if you ask, the answer is it is not. It does offer a legitimate way of earning an income but it takes tedious time and hard work in order to make money from it. You are basically selling products to earn so you need to have a good internet marketing experience in order to prosper in earning an income. The costs for signing up are actually very expensive and it is not recommended for someone who is just starting an internet marketing career.


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