Is Mobile Money Code a Scam?

Is Mobile Money Code a Scam? – Over Promise

Product Name: Mobile Money Code

Product Website: (Not Affiliate Link)

Owner: Greg Anderson

Price: $49 and lot of upsells

Rating: 5/100

Is Mobile Money Code a Scam?

What is it?

It is a product by a man named Greg Anderson. He is willing to share his money making secret with you for free actually, but later decide to change his mind by offering a discount at a price of $49.

The system is to teach you create mobile website to local company. Which is awesome, but do you know building website that is mobile friendly is not that difficult these days. And also there are so called ninja ways to use his system to earn affiliate commission through Clicksure and Clickbank.


• Mobile Site


• Lot of upsells
• A lot of affiliate links to other product
• Low quality training
• Over promise

Scams Tactics That Common Use

The long hour of watching the sales page is killing. You can see the big landed house with a cool car that he drove. Which is a part of the gimmick that always use by scam artist. I wonder when these people will change something new with their trick.

Gerg is not just good at telling secret and also a master of acting. I wonder is he a professional actor, the people appear in his video are not bad either with their acting skill.

Is Mobile Money Code a Scam?

First of all he tells you that his system is secret. If this is a secret why the hell he show people how the system work in a restaurant with so many other people around. This seems a big question mark to me. Nevertheless, I give credit to him and his extra for good acting play.

Be Prepare for Upsells

You are not going to get the whole system for just the price you pay. Once you get in, there are upsells waiting bill to your credit card. $198 for the 1st upgrade and follow by $262.80 for domain and hosting. If these costs are needed, he should tell you before hand. That show little transparency of the product itself.

Mobile Money Code Review


Just because I like Greg professional acting doesn’t mean I agree with his system. Is Mobile Money Code a Scam? I feel it is, I totally hope you avoid this product. The only secret in making money on the internet is to learn legit method and willing to put in your time and effort.

Some people learn faster while others might take more time. It’s totally up to you. There’s no short cut, and guarantee success.

If you like to learn how to build a website or build mobile apps. There are plenty of tutorials around the internet. Just stay safe on the internet.

Have you try Mobile Money Code? Feel to drop your comment below. Thanks

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