Is TSU Social Network a Scam?

Is TSU Social Network a Scam? – No, But Is Not Practical

Product Name: TSU

Product Website:

Owner: Sebastian Sobczak

Price: Free

Rating: 20/100

Is TSU Social Network a Scam?

What is it?

It is a social networking site where you are paid to share posts on your account. It is no different as Facebook, Twitter and other social network site. It is a multi level marketing ways of generating income. Have you start using it and wonder is TSU Social Network a Scam? Rest assure in my TSU Review I’m not trying to ask you to join as my followers as I’m not an affiliate of this product.
The actual concept of this site is not that bad, but it injects a negative thinking to user that they should get paid as a member. Which means that you and I have contributed to Facebook so much of content, images and video without pay.
Facebook has helped millions of people get connected for free. Zack didn’t charge a single cent for any of us for using. You chose to post whatever you like and there no reason to get paid for.

Is TSU Social Network a Scam?



• Free
•Easy to use
• Get connected with friends


•Wasting time
• Just another social network
•Not easy to generate income
• Lots of people try to spam
•Not a proper making money online method

How to Earn?

Is TSU Social Network a Scam?

By posting content, images or video on your account. Share it with your friends to get views, likes and comment. The more you share, the more you earn. It does sound easy, but that doesn’t mean earning money with it easy. You need to build huge amounts of downline in order to see results.
There is also a referral program which allows you to send your referral links to your friends through social network. I have seen people use blogs, social network and video (YouTube) to promote their Tsu referral links. But I can tell you the result is not promising. Most of the people who saw it simply feel it like spam.

Multi Level Marketing Style

I not a fan of multi level marketing. A pyramid game will always end up to top winners. It may seem fun by just using this new social network site to do simple tasks. But trust me, I rather use my time to catch my favorite tv drama or movie.


Tsu didn’t launch this site and ask their user to pay for using, so I am giving it a 50% credit for what it is. I can say Tsu is not a scam, but I feel this is not a wise choice to spend your time with it.
Your time is precious. Money spend or lost can always try to find a way to earn back. Find a job or work as a part time. But time never turns back even you are the richest man in the world.
Use your time wisely and learn proper way starting a legit way of making money through the internet using your passion

Internet Scams Report

Have you try TSU? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks


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