Is Kalatu a Scam?

Is Kalatu a Scam? – Another Empower Network Product

Product Name: Kalatu

Product Owners: David Wood, Jonathan Cronstedt & Chris Record

Price : $25 monthly, prepare for more upsells

Website: (not affiliate link)

Rating: Unrated

Is Kalatu a Scam?


It’s been a long time since I last heard about Empower Network. I’m neither a fan nor an affiliate of Empower Network for a valid reason that I will get to that later. Recently someone from my Facebook WordPress 101 for beginner group come out with a question and likes to offer value on website building. So he gives his review on Kalatu. What Is Kalatu and is it a scam?

What is it?

Kalatu is a blogging platform version of WordPress and also an opportunity to promote Empower network.
It cost seem affordable at $25 and its doesn’t provide free trial which turn me off.  If you were to buy a domain and hosting on your own will cost even less.

Is Kalatu A scam?

It claims the power of doing much more than the normal WordPress does. In terms of SEO, it can help you rank your site. Which I find it hard to believe.

Why I Never Join Empower Network

Before Kalatu was born, they have viral blogging, which leads the newbies believe that have found a great opportunity to start their online business. This is just the beginning stage of the game where you feel the heat that is not what you going expect. In order to find out more with their strategy you need to invest in their all out program. Which will cost up to $5000!

When you sign up their basic program, you need to pay a monthly subscription as well to be their affiliate. Which is not a good sign from what I look at it, being an affiliate for merchant or product owners should be free. They are more than happy if you willing to promote their product and give you part of the commission.

All In is a dangerous game

The only time I suggest you to put your money All In is to play Texas Hold’em online with fake chips. You got nothing to lose. If you are not willing to gamble according to Empower Network. You are labelled WUSSIES. Is this kind of treatment you should get? I don’t like to be treated like this for sure.

Is Kalatu a scam?

For seasoned marketer in this industry don’t find the issue of struggling. They manage to recruit more people to sign up and make big fat commission. But not all, I give my salute to those season marketers who chose not to promote this high ticket price product to their subscribers or followers. They believe in giving value instead of blinded by money

Here are ex Empower Network members speaking out their experience.

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Why is the Empower Network login page a trap?

Yes, you can see these are all from Wealthy Affiliate members. The reason is simple, Wealthy Affiliate creates a community that truly committed in helping one another. Even you chose not to upgrade to premium membership, you still being respected.


So is Kalatu a scam? I not able to give you a Yes or No. I never try it myself and most important I’m not comfortable with any of empower network product. My advice to you is to skip it as well.

Is Empower Network a scam? I let you decide, but I can say that their program is a rip off and not suitable for any newbies. To avoid all these hype you can read my #1 Recommend Product where you can get started for free.

Internet Scams Report


If Kalatu work for you, I happy for you and I like to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “Is Kalatu a Scam? – Another Empower Network Product”

  1. Thanks for reviewing Kalatu. =)

    I’m a blogger using Kalatu, I’m very satisfied. Prior to Kalatu, I struggled writing even one blog post, since my native language is not English and have poor writing skills. But after I got hold of this blogging system, the “leading questions” inside Kalatu have helped me publish content easier.

    There are features inside EN & Kalatu that are often overlooked by critics and bashers promoting a competing product. You can only know what’s inside when you have tried it personally.

    1. Hi Gomer, Good to hear that you satisfied with Kalatu. I’m not trying to bash product for the sake of bashing. There are product that I feel good and recommend them even I not their affiliate. I let my visitor to choose which one most suitable for them. Even they want to sign up the program I recommend without using my affiliate link I’m ok too as long they are in safe hands. That is my priority.

  2. Kalatu is much better than WordPress. I spent 3 years with a WP blog and actually had to pay someone money to help set it up. There may be a few more plugins but thousands of plugins are not necessary or needed. Kalatu has a handful of plugins with videos and tips to explain them. Kalatu does have trial offers from $1 to $7 to test it out. I believe the benefits are very good companred to other programs out there.

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