Is The Freedom Fighters Network a Scam?

Is The Freedom Fighters Network a Scam?

Is The Freedom Fighters Network a Scam?


The Freedom Fighters Network Review

Sometime ago I remember receiving an email from someone I don’t know. No idea how he manages to get my email. The email title “Can I offer you $150 cash?”. Wow! What a kind hearted person and YES of course I want, but in mind I sense something fishy.

It is actually selling me an online making money system product. I only know there are firefighters, MMA fighters or Street fighter one my favorite arcade game. So it is a legal product that’s going to help folks making money online. Lets fight our way is The Freedom Fighters Network a scam?

Different Brand Same Stuff

The video on the sales page is about 10 minutes featuring a couple telling their story how they are having a vacation at Bali beach with their system. The couple name Angela Moore and Jordan Shultz and they guarantee you that their system work, if don’t work for you will get $150 cash back from them.

Is The Freedom Fighters Network a Scam?

I drill down deeper to find out what actually they are selling. Actually is another MLM system linking up with Empower Network. It just recreates another brand. Different brand same tactic.

Free or Paid?

Angela and Jordan allow you to use their system for free and if it doesn’t work, they claim they are going to give you $150! Do you believe this? For me, certainly not!

Is The Freedom Fighters Network a scam?

Here is how much it cost to use their system, $47 monthly. There is an extra fee of $19.95 wallet and $25 monthly for an Empower Network Blog. The extra fee really makes me raise eyebrow. So end of the day is not free and don’t expect the $150 will be going into your pocket.

Are You MLM Pro?

I personally is not a fan of MLM stuff. The level of earning is totally base the pyramid game. If you enter as a beginner, you will be bottom of the level. In order for you to climb on top. You have to be brutal and aggressive in selling this system to many other beginners.

For a product that offer free trial should just allow you to jump right in without having your credit card information. Using a $150 bait to exchange your credit card information is just luring you to trust the system work.


Is The Freedom Fighters Network a scam? I leave it to you to make your choice. There are people who like to venture into MLM. If you are one of them you can consider building your own pyramid game.

After so many video you have watched that promise you wonder in making money online. Have these products really helped you to achieve so far? My advice to you is to stay safe and avoid the risk.

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