Instant Rewards Network Review

There are other several companies that are the same as Instant Rewards Network that are not a scam. The whole thing is not a scam, but it does not mean that you will really make a lot of money with it. There are some things that you will not like about this company which will be detailed later, but for now let us look at what Instant Rewards Network really is.

Product Name: Instant Rewards
Website URL:
Price To Join: Free
Type Of Work: Completing surveys


What Is Instant Rewards?

Instant Rewards Network is basically a company that has partnered up with many well known companies like, Netflix,, Gamefly, and Blockbuster Video.

Once you sign up, you’ll need to complete trial offers from the companies listed above, plus many others. You need to earn 1 credit before they will let you participate in their referral program which is how you really make money with this program.

When you sign up you will need to provide quite a few personal details which I personally wasn’t comfortable giving out myself.

The beginner site will pay you $20 per referral; the 60 site will pay you $60 per referral; the 80 site will pay you $80 per referral; the 100 site will pay you $100 per referral and the 120 site will pay you $120 per referral. Remember that the higher the commission per referral, the more offers they need to complete in order to qualify.


How Do You Make Money Using This System?

The only way you make money with this program is by referring other people into it and generating leads for the companies that they are affiliated with.

Before you can make any money you first need to sign up and complete several offers or enough to equal 1 credit. After you have completed these offers and the system verifies them you are eligible to earn commissions by referring other people.

You will be provided with a back office which has all the marketing materials needed to advertise this opportunity to other people. You are told to advertise your lead capture page to places like Craigslist, Facebook, and Twitter.

When someone signs up under you and completes the required offers you get paid anywhere from $20 to up $300 depending on what particular plan the person you referred signs up with.

Each one of these plans offers a different payout and also has different requirements you must meet before they issue you a payment. The more people that you refer to them the more money they claim that you can make.




  • It’s Free to get started
  • PayPal is accepted and one of the main ways you get paid
  • They do actually pay out when you refer other people if you follow their rules


  • You need to provide them with more personal information than is needed
  • Is set up like a traditional pyramid scheme where you need to refer people just to make money
  • You are told to advertise this as a work from home job when it’s obviously not a job but rather a business opportunity
  • If you cancel the offers before 80% of your trial period is up they will close your account and void any credit you may have earned
  •  Some of the offers you sign up for are a recurring fee each month(Always read the fine print)
  • They tell you there’s no selling involved when clearly you are selling a business opportunity to other people

Are There Any Complaints Or Concerns That People Have With This Program?

There are many complaints about Internet Rewards Network as well as many concerns that people have with this program. It seems like the majority of complaints are centered around people not getting the accounts credited properly.

They claim that they have no control over this, but I tend to think otherwise.

There are many other people who have experienced the same issues as the guy above has, but everyone’s experience is different.

It just burns my ass that they would request such private and personal information from you right when you first sign up.


While rewards sites in general are considered a legit earning opportunity, there are many people who may refer to these opportunities as scams or unethical. This is generally because of the risk associated with completing offers.

To complete an offer, you often have to provide your credit card number. If you are not very careful when following the guidelines and instructions of these offers, you can find yourself receiving multiple charges. These charges frequently add up to much more than you earn in cash or rewards.

There are many people who are able to successfully use these types of rewards sites to their advantage, but if you are going to be one of them you must be very organized and cautious regarding what offers you complete.

The ones that generally pay the highest levels of compensation are also the ones which come with the biggest risk, so it may be in your interest to start off smaller and allow your potential rewards to grow with your experience.

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