Is iGrow Network a Scam?

Is iGrow Network a Scam? – Sound Nice But Not So

Product Name: iGrow Network


Price: Free or $49 Monthly

Owner: Ron Pope

Rating: 25/100

Is iGrow Network a Scam?

Someone that I didn’t know drop me a private message through Facebook. Asking me have I heard of iGrow Network. I ever come across through my Facebooks Newsfeed ads, but didn’t understand what is it about.

So he sends me a YouTube video introducing how iGrow Network work and pay to their user. Another social network that really pay their user or is iGrow Network is a scam? Time to find out is it worth giving it a try. Welcome to my view on iGrow Network and take note I’m not promoting this program as an affiliate

To my surprise the video introduction of this product is quite interesting. Different with other product I come across. I continue to watch till the end because the presenter mention this is not a get rich fast with no effort thingy. I do not like flashy cash and promise you that you can touch the moon the very next day.


Is iGrow Network a Scam?
Pro Looking Landing Pages Done For You


• Kind of interesting
• Can join free
• Pro looking landing pages to chose for promotion


• Seem like MLM
• Very confuse in the back office (Dashboard)
• McAfee marks the social network as a scam site

Is iGrow Network a Scam?


Is iGrow Network a Scam?




The Social Network Program

First of all the name is called Leafit or IT, kind of confusing. There are two ways to join. You can choose as Free Affiliate or Associate for $50 per month.

Is iGrow Network a Scam?

So I sign up as a for the free version of cause to test how things work. A social network that pays you posting images and share it. Instead of people click likes or shares, they call it post chat. When someone interested with the images you post and decide to buy the item you get a commission. At least this what the video says.

So I pretty excited to jump in to post my first image. Guess what? My laptop tells me it is dangerous site. Seriously, I do like to take such risk to cause damage to my laptop.

It is a game of creating of downline stream to 9 levels. I not a fan of MLM or downline marketing. Which is always the top is the overall winners.

There have their own iGrow network University that teaches online marketing. There are various courses you can choose from. Its previous cost is $149 which is now become $49 per month.

For Who

I feel it suitable for people who addicted to social networking. Since opening Facebook in the morning is daily routine why not make it a revenue, but as I have mentioned above it show as a dangerous site.
You can try using it apps, but no guarantee it is harmful to your mobile.


I get started with iGrow Network with some excitement but it really turns me off when I try to log in to IT. A site that McAfee have blocked tell me I should not go further explore how it really work.

It will be great if the system work as what it burned as. I will like to try the revolution of social network of generating income with my daily lifestyle. But there something puzzle me, if everyone joins as an Affiliate or Associate then who really the one willing to make the buying. The mindset is already set to earn commissions but not mingle around as a social network platform.

So at the moment I rather spend my time building my online business and help you and many others who like to start their online business. Learn how you can get started an exciting online business from my #1 Recommend Product.

Internet Scams Report


What you think of iGrow Network? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

21 thoughts on “Is iGrow Network a Scam? – Sound Nice But Not So”

  1. Actually there is nothing wrong with it is a brand new site and site the security setting on your personal PC are set HIGH and so you are being notified. The site is Https so has all the necessary certificates in place. Rather than blogging about a business you are trying to start and bashing it online you should contact the support team and give them info to resolve the issue. how do you expect to be successful in a business you bash online ??

    1. Hi, this is just my own personal view and finding of the program. I blog base on what come across as user experience. End of the day is my readers choice to like it or not.

      I do apperciate your comment and wil looking into my security setting.


  2. Your English is so bad that I can hardly understand what you’re on about! Why are you writing a blog in English?

    1. Hi Celie, in my bio I have clearly introduce myself. My English grammar is not so good. Thanks for your comment, I will try to improve. The comment above leave by another visitor clearly understand what I wrote but not what he like to read. I started this blog is to prevent people from being scam.

  3. Hey Cena

    Thanks for a great review. I understand exactly what you where trying to get across and appreciate the fact that you offer you site in my home language.

    Keep up the awesome work!


    PS… Your site is ranked IN ENGLISH, fourth on Googles first page for the keyword “igrow network reviews”… Your English can’t be that bad then 😉 Well done!

    1. Hey Marc, great to have you here. I will try my best to write honest review and thoughts of every program or products I come across with my own words to keep people safe online. Thanks for your kind words and keep me motivated to push forwar.

  4. I think you need to re-evaluate iGrow Network. I am an associate and I do not have any of the issues you have spewed out. I am making very good money with my business. Redo your research and then get back to me.

  5. I am a free affiliate with IGROW – – I dont have the $$ to up grade??
    I can say basically 2 things – – –
    They have left “Leafit” behind – -so don’t trouble over that !??
    AND IN LIGHT OF THIS INFORMATION – – – -i Will Say …. That They make much of Their FOUNDERS 3000 CLUB – Which is slated for closure the 21st!! – –
    – – – A lot of promises – – – But no Pay yet???? – – – 🙁

  6. I would like to say that igrow is not a scam the people that say its a scam probably never gave it the time it needed yeah i admit that i have made a moderate sum myself like 500 dollars over a five month period but because i am a member of several groups of associates and affiliates there are people on 4 figures a month.. If you can recruit and sell products and are exceptional you will make money but this is not for someone with very little selling or marketing experience they best just use the[IT] social network I will try and explain quickly what i understand there are three sides no. 1 the [IT] socailnetwork = it can be used as an ordinary socialnetwork or you can sell from our shopping section and get up to 30 % comission and the people you invite you also earn when they buy or sell go to the socialnetwork and check the shopping section for yourselves before you judge they are connected to thousands of retailers you search nike they got , you search wallmart products they got even search rolex they got no.2 the igrow back-office this is where you get basic marketing tools and earn 37 dollars if someone becomes an associate no.3 which is just freshly released is called igrow speed these tool consist of the following Tools

    Video Capture Pages
    Associate Back Office
    Sales Training
    System Auto Responders
    Replicated Sites
    Replicated Webinars
    Social Media Poster
    Support Suite
    Team Training Center
    Product Tour
    Tell a Prospect (20/1,000)
    System Video Email

    “it” Social Network
    iGrow SPEED
    Web Form Creator
    Smart Mobile CRM
    Phone Dialer (Free Trial)
    Contact Manager
    Email Broadcaster
    SMS Notficiations
    SMS Blasts (A La Carte) 200 FREE
    Total Database Capacity (15,000)
    Social Media Blackboard
    Upload Capacity (1,000/10,000)
    Video Mastery (Coming Soon)
    Live Chat (Unlimited)
    Personal Autoresponders (4/15)
    Personal Video Emails (10)
    Choose SPEED Pro +

    conclusion my response is a brief response i think people out there need to understand the these sort of entitys needs at least two months of engagement I think when you look at people making money these people are the ones which probably stick to a business/.oppertunity for a little longer than most and learn how to use the vechile they are given licence to use

  7. Last comment on iGrow was in September. I have been in NWM industry since 1980 and online since 2000. This is what I have found – all the (now) big and successful companies were once a startup with all kinds of challenges. Most people rejected them in the beginning. The few that did not are sitting pretty good now. I personally know people in the naysayer category and they shed a few tears later 🙂 So, about iGrow or iGrowit, as it is now called, has certainly done a lot of growing lately and is very different from a year ago. The Social Media is Live. E-Commerce is merged with “it” and the best way is to see for yourself. This 110 second video is quite touching and shows how Hi Tech can indeed lead to High Touch. Watch it and judge for yourself…

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