Is $5,000 from scratch by Ewen Chia a scam? Sound attractive but…

Review on $5000 from Scratch

Owners: Ewen Chia

Price: $17 + Upsells

Website: 5000fromscratch.com

Rating: 2/10


In one of my 5 day email course, I mentioned that internet marketing are evolving ever faster at such speed that if you aren’t following, you will lose out eventually. There are numerous amount of information in the internet that could elevate your online business and if you choose the right program, you may  make a generous income per month from internet marketing.

I have seen a handful of product in the internet which are good and some scams. The concept of making these programs are to make money from internet marketers, that’s it.

So, is Ewen Chia $5000 from Scratch a scam? You will find out in a short while.

What is $5,000 from scratch by Ewen Chia?

If you are new to internet marketing, you might not have heard about Ewen Chia and his products.


He claims to be an internet guru with vast experience in internet marketing since 1997 and release a book “How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can To”. He owns a couple of websites and did numerous seminars on internet marketing. Well, to say he is an internet guru, you’ll be the judge.

This program claims to help users with no experience in internet marketing to generate a handful sum of $5000 with no upfront investment. This is a really difficult to do if you do not have the knowledge on internet marketing such as using SEO, traffic generation, etc. I am not sure if Ewen have the type of program that can deliver to a newbie. I guess not.

Ewen doesn’t reveal his method and as mentioned he claims that his program is not related to email marketing, SEO, product launching, social media marketing, CPA marketing and other method of internet marketing. Also, he did not reveal his blueprint and posted his earning on his webpage. Well, you will need to buy his product in order to see his blueprint.


Should you follow $5000 from scratch?

In his introductory page of the website, you can see a 10 minutes video, not much of a content from a marketing point. At $17, you will get a couple of video blogs focusing on finding your niche, getting the right mindset, finding the right product, Facebook advertising, promoting via facebook such as how to provide value-added post and lastly, monetizing your niche into a profitable one. That’s it.

You can learn the fundamentals of internet marketing here. Basically, you will learn on how to use one of the social media platform (Facebook) to promote your product. Facebook advertising is complex. You will need to find followers to follow/like your page and thereafter buy your product. It won’t be as easy as what Ewen claims and from my experience, you may need time to progress. Not a 1 day job.

If you would like to go deeper, there are upsells that you need to purchase, all in all you will need to spend a couple of hundred bucks on top of the initial cost. I bet you need other information or guidance to make some income. Ewen won’t let you know much information for 17 bucks, you will need to get his upsells. Clever..

So no matter what your initial investment of $17 will escalate to a few hundred bucks to get started. So, is it about all getting information or being scammed by the program?



At $17, it is not so bad of an initial investment. You can look through the videos and maybe get a tip or two on internet marketing. You can find some programs in the internet that offers FOC on promoting a product via Facebook. You may either read through my 5 days email course to learn about internet marketing and it is FREE!

I really “like” the way Ewen Chia promote this product. He doesn’t reveal his product until you cough out 17 bucks from your pocket. Well, if you like Ewen presentation, then go buy it, learn and apply. It is up to your preference. But anyways, for me, it is not worth the shot as Facebook advertising are becoming too cluttered and you need to fight hard to get $5000 per month. Not to be negative, it is not easy but achievable.

If you wish to know more about creating a profitable website, you can subscribe to my email course which is for FREE and I will provide you with the details on internet marketing covering niches and other interesting stuff.

Feel free to comment below. Thanks.


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