Social Commission

Is Social Commissions a scam?

Product Name: Social Commissions

Owner: Adrian Morrison


Membership fee: USD$49 + many upsells

Rating: 20/100


There are many programs in the internet you can choose to elevate your knowledge in internet marketing. We started this website to let users know if it is a scam or legit. Some of you may have different opinion on our reviews and we have the outmost respect for you if you think otherwise. Well, let’s start on another of our review o n a product that has been in the internet for quite awhile.

Adrian Morrison is the owner of Social Commissions and his programs teaches users on affiliate marketing. On affiliate marketing, users are allowed to promote a product and service not owned by them and will earn commission from the sales.

Like many online marketing, owners usually promote their products by using information that allows users to be over-excited and therefore will sign up for their programs be it affordable or overly expensive.

What is Social Commissions?

As mentioned, Social Commissions is a internet marketing site which is owned by Adrian Morrison that offers their affiliates with marketing strategies in promoting products including online webinars programs and motivation inputs.

Social Commissions applies a site Plenty of Fish (POF) for their affiliate marketing strategies.

POF site

Is Social Commissions a scam?

When you go to Social Commissions website, you will be introduced to Adrian Morrison videos and his motivation talks on how he became a online success and so on. One of the early red flags that I see from his videos is that he drove in his flashy car and requesting a couple of strangers to attend his seminar and thereafter informing viewers that he only shares his strategies with his family and close friends.

Social Commission

Is it worth the shot to join Social Commission?

I am not saying that Social Commissions is a scam as you can see from his subscription that there are many online users following him. I am not in favour of users following him as from his strategies as he teaches you to do affiliate marketing that every other internet marketing site are offering. The upsells are quite astonishing, maybe it is because of his popularity.

Moreover, if you goggle Social Commissions review, you can see that there are more negative reviews than positive one. You might hesitate to join and I will not stop you. It is up to you to decide.

On his strategies, he is more than a motivational speaker and the only thing that users can learn is to use POF to place ads and its functions.

I do not know what other type of marketing products that Social Commissions are offering on their upsells, maybe teaches you about search engine optimization (SEO). From my experience in internet marketing, I can tell you that Social Commission has the same objective that any other internet marketing companies, is to sell their products and earn a big profit.


There are a lot of ways and strategies you can learn from affiliate marketing. You can also utilize your internet marketing on social medias as Facebook, Google+, etc. Using a single platform will not turn you into an overnight internet sensation. You may need more than that. AS such, you will need to keep learning and widen your knowledge on internet marketing.

So, what you need if you are new in this internet marketing is a proper guidance and classroom session such as website building, SEO, social media marketing, etc. Without proper guidance, you will not achieve your goals and Social Commission will not guarantee you that.

So why not read my #1 recommended product and think it think it through. All I can say is that it is the most legit site that you will get the information and it doesn’t cost you a dime for the first phase of training. You will learn the strategies of online marketing, website building, etc. So if you are new in internet marketing, think about it.

Do you think Social Commission is a scam? Feel free to comment below.

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