Is Megatypers a Scam?

Is Megatypers a Scam? – Waste of Time

Product Name: Megatypers (also ProTypers)


Price: Free

Owner: Unknown

Rating: 5/100

Is Megatypers a Scam?

There is a website call Megatypers. I wonder is Megatypers a scam? It is a site that teaches you nothing, all you need to do is to solve captcha phrase. I’m not inviting you to join by giving you a referral code and certainly do not wish to waste your time on this product. You can join an awesome community for free to help you make money online. Start Here

Update: There is a similar website call ProTypers which exactly the same as Megatypers which serve no value at all.

Is ProTypers a Scam?


What is Megatypers?

As mention above, Megatypers recruit people to solve the captcha phrase and pay you a small amount for doing so. Another way to earn revenue from it is to share your referral code. Someone sign up from your code you earn a 10% of commission. How much is the 10% wasn’t mentioned as I go through the site.


• Free


• Nothing to learn
• Poor support
• Not easy to earn revenue
• Waste of time

As for this Megatypers review I signed up and try it myself how it really work. I manage to solve one captcha phrase and that it. I can’t proceed further. I log out and log in back. Then again, there no more captcha phrase for me to solve. It happens to me, not sure, does it happen to other users.

Is Megatypers a Scam?

The sign up page mention that user able to earn up to $100 to $250 per month. Which is not misleading to anyone that this is a get rich fast program. It is true that making money online have no fast track system. But it seems not as easy as it is to make even penny from Megatypers as I try on my own.


I don’t think anyone should spend their time to try it out. Typewriters machine is outdated, so do Megatypers. So do your fingers a big favor, you should open your laptop to type articles, blog or learn how to design things that you like.

I can’t say this website is a scam. You are allowed to sign up for free, at no cost to try out. There is no risk and credit card is kept safe with you.

I repeat myself again, it certainly not worth your time to crack captcha codes or phrase.

What’s Next For You?

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Have you try out Megatypers? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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