Is Get Paid Taking Pictures a Scam?

Is Get Paid Taking Pictures a Scam? – Taking Selfie With Your Friend Much Better

Product Name: Get Paid Taking Pictures


Price: $77 and upsells

Owner: Michael David

Rating: 15/100

Is Get Paid Taking Pictures a Scam?

Get Paid Taking Pictures is a pretty new product listed in Clickbank 2014. The owner of this product Michael David makes a bold claim on how easy it is making money online. Just by taking pictures randomly and make money online by uploading them to certain websites.

Nope, I not the affiliate of this product and rest assured there will won’t be affiliate link in this walk-through. If you have been following this site, product that raises red flags, highly price and lots of crap upsells won’t be recommended by me.

Not to waste your time. You can go to my #1 Recommend Product.

What is it?

The video sales page of 13 min, I watched it till the very end. The training claim to show you how to upload pictures that you taken can upload to sites that pay you well.
Even pictures that is not eye catching can make you money. There no need expensive camera or photography skill.

Seriously, I wish I can list at least one pro but I simply can’t find any.


• Make money online by taking pictures (Misleading)
• Ridiculous earning potential
• Upsells
• Nothing worth learning
• Testimonials appear in the video seem like reading from scripts
• Very little work to be done, 20 min a day just uploading pictures

You can see there are red flags all over this product just to make you think you found an easy way of making money online.

For Who

It actually targets photographer who like what they are currently doing and tap into internet business. Since these days almost everyone carries a smart phone. Micheal expands his target audience to everyone who like to make quick cash, which I can’t seem it will work.

Is Get Paid Taking Pictures a Scam?



From my opinion, I feel Get Paid Taking Pictures is a scam. It lures you to believe by taking pictures will make you rich. One thing I agree without hi-tech camera, people with smart phones can simply take pictures on anything. Have you taken selfie today? Have you taken the food just serve to you just now?

This not the point. Making money online need time and effort.

What actually you can do?

There several websites out there allow you to upload your pictures for free. Offer a service on Fiverr, there maybe someone needs your photography skill. You can sell your pictures without join GPTP.

Become an affiliate marketer and sell other people pictures to get commission.

It is even better if you like to sell your own pictures without going through a third party. Learn how to build a website and allow your visitor to purchase directly from you. If you are passion in photography you can start to create this business from scratch.

You can start today by taking just a few minutes to read my #1 Recommend Product.


Have you try Get Paid Taking Pictures? I like to hear from you, feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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