Is Get Paid From FB a Scam?

Is Get Paid From FB a Scam? – Hope You Will Get Your Pay Check

Product Name: GET PAID FROM FB
Price: $7.00 but the price will drop to $1.00 if you try to close the page
Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Rating: 20/100


Is Get Paid From FB a Scam?

The idea of getting paid using Facebook can be really enticing. It has been going around the internet claiming that you can make money without requiring special skills while doing the things you normally do on a day to day basis.

If you’re one of those people searching for an easy way to make money online, then you’ve probably come across Get Paid from Facebook and perhaps you’re wondering is GET PAID FROM FB a scam?

Get Paid From FB Review – Product Overview

Headline: The product is sold through a video sales page without any headline
Basically, Get Paid from Facebook is a program which teaches its members how to setup and promote CPA campaigns using a Facebook paid advertising. It also teaches its members how to create choose a forte and create fan pages.

Get Paid from Facebook is owned by Mike Buontempo also known as Mark B., who happens to be the founder of FB-Vault as well. Both programs offer the same promise such as getting profit from Facebook without the need to have special skills, website or marketing know-how, learn to build Facebook fan pages and drive traffic at a low cost.

The Sales Pitch

Is Get Paid From FB a Scam?

The system of Get Paid From FB does not require their members to do any selling at all. In reality, numerous people and companies have already tried using Facebook for selling but failed, the reason for this is simple – people log on to Facebook to interact more with their family and friends, not to look for things to buy.

Nevertheless, to make money online, the top priority you need look for is people, and Facebook has about 1 billion users all over the world. The goal and objective of Get Paid From FB is to utilize Facebook to generate income through Cost Per Action or CPA offers. CPA is a kind of affiliate marketing where you usually promote a contest or a giveaway and your prospects will have to provide their email address and other personal information to be able to qualify.

The Promotional Video

Get Paid From FB is the latest work at home program which says that anyone who has basic computer skills and abilities can discover the power of Facebook to generate a reliable income. According to the video presentation on, the system is automatic, consistent and reliable. Making money is very easy, all you have to do is to set up your Facebook campaign once and it will automatically continue working and generate income from you every day.

For those who are interested to be trained to make use of Facebook to earn an income while at home, they can purchase the training system for just $7.00. The system consists of a number of step-by-step videos, live case studies, PDF guides and a lifetime guarantee.


• No special skills necessary
• You don’t need to know anything about online marketing
• No technical skills requires
• No website needed
• 30 days mentoring
• Learn how to set Facebook fan pages
• Generate traffic at a very low cost of .01 to .03 per click


• There are a lot of unnecessary upsells at very steep price
• Lacks useful information regarding the latest trend in online marketing

Support And Training

• 10 videos, which will provide members a step-by-step guide on fan page design and strategies regarding how to choose your niche
• 30 days free mentoring

Who Will Benefit From This?

Is Get Paid From FB a Scam?

People who are quite new to internet and online marketing will greatly in benefit from this product since most experienced online marketers have already mastered or have a good grasp on Facebook fan page design and know which niches to choose in order to gain profit.

Profit – How Much Can Make From This?

It’s hard to conclude how much money you can make from this. Members’ commission ranges from $1.00 to $2.00 for every complete action. Earnings from your CPA offers can vary widely. You can get paid a few cents for someone simply entering their email address or get paid $50 and even more when someone completes a request for a mortgage quotation.

How much money you’ll make will still depend greatly on the campaigns. You should be aware however that there is never any guarantee of income with CPA affiliate marketing. Keep in mind not to spend more money driving prospects to your offers than what you’re earning in commissions to avoid ending up making a net loss.

Time Needed To Make The System Work

The system is not time-consuming at all. You can set it up and run it in a span of a day or two. However, how soon you will be making money is impossible to say. It will still depend on how successful your offers can be, as mentioned above; there are no guarantees about this just like with any other business or money-making schemes out there.

Conclusion – Things You Need To Consider

Is GET PAID FROM FB a scam? In general, if a business opportunity claims that their profits are “automatic” you should always proceed with caution. A type of work at home that says you can earn $5, 000 – $8, 000 a month doing nothing always turns out to be not true. In my opinion I feel it is a scam.

However, the $7.00 upfront price of Get Paid From FB is certainly an amount which a lot of people will not think twice of risking on the little chance that this system might actually work for them. One of the important risks though, is that after making an initial payment of $7.00, numerous independent business systems will try to offer you upsells. They will even contact you with different offers, upgrades and add-on programs with the intention to make you even more money. At this time, you’ve already invested your time and money and you might be willing to acquire more expense if it will be beneficial to them.

The important thing here to remember is to know upfront what you can afford and your investment limit plus how much time you are willing to give to a project. Another thing you should be aware of is the refund policies and what are the things you need to do in order to get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the system. According to Get Paid From FB, they are willing to honour any refund requests as long as it is within 30 days of the sale, but here have been claims and reports that getting a refund from the company is extremely hard to get.

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