Name:                  Home Wealth Remedy


Price:                     $97.95 /One Time Payment

Founder:             Bree Johnson


Home Wealth Remedy is a “certification program that provides individuals the knowledge on how to post affiliate links for well-known companies. Just by sparing 60 minutes a day, the program claims that what they’re offering can guarantee a certified and proven job to make a lot of money right from your home.It seems like a quick and easy way to make profit online, but could you really make $500 a day using this system? Is it really possible that justby placing some links on the internet you can make hundreds and even thousands of dollars? Is this program really what it claims to be? Well, read through this review and find out everything important you need to know about Home Wealth Remedy.


The website domain for Home Wealth Remedy was registered in September 2016 by a company called SecureForm LLC and the physical address listed isbased in Hawaii which seems to be linked to a commercial shopping mall, the Makaha Market Place. Aside from this, a website hosting service locatedin Utah named Bluehost is also referenced in the registration data of the website.


According to the website, the company is founded by an industry veteran Bree Johnson, who claimed to have secured high levels of success as an affiliatelink poster and lived in Hawaii after moving from Utah However, the original ownership of Home Wealth Remedy has since changed to a guy named A.B. Anderson, which is probably due to numerous negative reviews proving that Bree is a fake persona and a stock photo.



For a steep price of $97.95, the Home Wealth Remedy product is an online certification course which provides a program where individuals will undergo a specializedtraining in posting affiliate links at home for a profit. Aside from its learning materials, Home Wealth Remedy also promises to provide continuing support for finding platforms to post affiliate links.



How this program works is simple. Just create affiliate links of products for popular companies and then post them on the internet and all socialmedia platforms. Bree Johnson, who claimed she used to be struggling in life but is now a millionaire all because she was able to successfullypost links,said that once you understand her training and follow her simple steps, it’ll be easy for you to instantly make money. How she explains the program is very vague, she just says that you can get paid $500 or more a day on the internet just by simply posting links.That may sound easy but it’s actually not and there are more to it that she’s not informing individuals who are interested in the program.



For individuals who are interested in making a profit online, the opportunity the program presents is through the form of a job which is described asproductive, well-paid, easy-to-do and will depend solely on an individual’s own desire to work. There’s also a guarantee from Johnson that anyone who aregraduates of her certification course will acquire a minimum income of $500 a day by simply postingaffiliate links, but she did not provide any otheressentialdetails as to the mechanics that comes along with it.



If you are familiar with how online business works, it is a fact that there is absolutely no such thing as a link posting job or even an agent.This is absolutely made up, as well as getting paid a huge amount of money per day as per the sale material suggests. Technically, how it reallyworks is people have to buy a product from you through affiliate links or online product links in order to acquire profit.



Yes you can generate profit this way. But what HWR tells you are very misleading and it just doesn’t work how they said it will work. It’s not as simple as HWR is making it seem plus the money they say you will make is a big lie. How much you can make per link is something you cannot accurately predict.It can make you $15 per click but it can also make you $0. It will still depend greatly on how many people are going to click your link and buy the link’s product.


Affiliatemarketing is actually a good way to make money online, but if you will approach it the way HWR explains it then you will not do very well at it.



Aside for the main website, there are also a couple of review websites, and, that characterizes HWR as anastounding opportunity to easily and quickly make money online. These websites however are run by the same people behind HWR and links to news storiesand testimonials are being used to deceive people and tends to change very often.


According to resources, is owned by the same company that owns HWR. The link, poses as the real Fox Business and provides made-up news like billionaire Elon Musk’s recommendation and endorsement of the product. However, if you go down tothe bottom of the page, it has a legal disclaimer that sites the story as fictitious. Aside from this, they’ve also used a handful of fake news storiesin promoting the program using famous people such as Markk Cuban, Hillary Clinton and other trusted public figures. This is also the same tactic they usein their sales page, leading with a compilation of real news video which discusses home based business which has been used by other online money makingschemes before. Almost all form of endorsements from the review pages to the testimonials from “people just like you” are made-up. It is designed that wayin order to gain your trust so that you will buy the program.




  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee



  • Make it seem easier than it really is to make money online
  • Training is rubbish
  • Falseadvertisements
  • Fake reviews, news stories and testimonials
  • Waste of valuable time and money


For the price of $97.95, the HWR website provides little information on how affiliate link posting really works and how individuals can make money online in a legit way. This is quite questionable since there is a huge amount of free information about the matter available online.


The people behind the program are lying right in your face. In fact, the image they’re using for Bree Johnson is a stock photo taken from a website and some of the content on the site refers to Johnson as the owner of HWR, but on some areas the name changes.


If you want to learn more about affiliate link posting, it is highly recommended to consume your free options first before thinking of investing your hard-earned money on HWR’s program.

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