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There are many people asking Is Amway a scam? considering the company has been long in the business. The truth is not everyone who joined the program become income earners in the long term. You must have heard your grandparents, aunts or uncles who may have once been or is still using the Amway program. This is because Amway has been around for 50 years already and still endured the passage of time with many competitors in the same industry surfacing here and there. Not everyone actually understands how the program works and this Amway review will help you get the bigger picture about the nature of the Amway business.

Is Amway a scam?

You may find Amway a big company with growing numbers of subscribers. But what you probably don’t know is that not too many of its senior subscribers have been staying long to use the program. Some of them did not stayed for long because they failed to sustain their business but there are new breeds of subscribers who replace them. What not everyone knows is that Amway works on a pyramiding scheme or multi-level marketing (MLM) and internet marketing. The company usually promotes their program as an opportunity to make their members a business owner. Their recruiters will usually give a promising income of $4,000 every month while spending only about 10 hours a week to work. Is this attainable? Maybe, perhaps if you have many down lines.

How the program works and earns you money

Amway can provide you an opportunity to earn an income at your own pace and time. However, the process requires effort and time to make it attainable. Amway is a pyramid scheme where you earn points called PV that you need to accumulate within your network. The primary step is to subscribe for the program that will cost you $70 and you need to purchase household products which are Amway’s products. They claim that you can actually save from buying their products but these are actually very expensive. Upon computing the total amount that you need to spend in order to meet the PV points required to start earning from the program you will certainly spend as much as $500 per month in order to meet the minimum points. You will also be forced to purchase products that you may not actually be interested of buying just to meet your earning points.

The members of Amway need to obtain at least 100 PV for their own business, that is your own products to purchase which you have the option of using personally or you may sell out to others, and an additional 50 PV customer that you will have to recruit. On top of your costs is the shipping of the products you order which can sometimes be ridiculously expensive than the product you buy when you order in small volumes.

The main source of your earnings will depend upon the number of people you recruit for your downline. This means that your subscription will entail recruiting others in order to obtain some residual income. This can be a problem if you have no experience, interest or time to do so.

The good about Amway

One thing that is good about Amway is you have a legitimate way of earning an income. You also get products in return which can be a source of your sales opportunity. Amway is also a credible business company since it has been around for more than 50 years already and gives an opportunity to start a home based business.

The bad about Amway

The residual income that you can earn from Amway is possible but it demands time, effort and money. You need to exercise the effort of recruiting people to become part of your team or network and you also have to shell out money in purchasing products to maintain your PV points earnings. Moreover, the products are limited to health and wellness and you have not much option to purchase other products that you may find useful for personal use. You also need to monitor your downline’s performance in order to strengthen your network for better income profit. Since the principle of more points means bigger paycheck will give you the pressure to meet PV points in order to claim your earnings.


If you still ask is Amway a scam? it is safe to say that it is not. However, this is not a good program to try if you are not into recruiting and making sales on the products you purchase from them to earn points. There are actually many better ways of earning money from home without the much needed effort to exert. The program is good only for those who have people skills and charisma and may not earn people an income when they are not into the recruiting scheme. There are better and faster ways to earn an income than spending too much money and time building the program itself instead of your own.

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