Is Traffic Blackbook 2 a scam? Nothing better than paid advertising.

Product Name: Traffic Blackbook 2

Owner: Chat Hamzeh

Website: trafficblackbook.com

Start up fee: $197

Rating: 92/100


Most of us have spent every minutes browsing the internet doing something we are most fond, browsing through Facebook and other social media platforms. I am one of them and I guess it is addictive. It is our habits, waking up in the morning, log into our Facebook account after breakfast and browsing through pictures, videos of friends and family members.

Do you think you can make use of this time doing something interesting and to achieve some incentive out of it? I think you can. The product I am going to review is about launching a campaign via paid advertising, everything from Facebook advertising to Google/Bing will be taught in detail.

So this product is worth to look at if you want an alternative way to better spent your time in achieving some kind of incentives that can make your day even brighter. You will be smiling when you apply and see your income grow online.

So let’s start with our review.

What is Traffic Blackbook 2?

Traffic Blackbook 2 is a product by Chat Hamzeh that offers training videos and PDF manuals in teaching members everything they need to know on paid advertising such as pay per click (PPC), click per action (CPA), Facebook advertising and other forms of paid traffic and advertising.

The concept is a bit complicated but basically you will learn from Chad Hamzeh and his guest trainers and product creators which are well known in the internet marketing industries such as Julian Farley, Mike Colella, Nana-Gilbert Baffoe the strategies on making paid advertising your number one tools in making big bucks in internet marketing.


However, this product is not for the faint hearted. It is a bit complicated and if you are just starting out on internet marketing, I suggest you hold on to this product first, note it down in your to do list and try on it after you are competent enough to venture into paid adverting as your next goal. It is not worth your $197 if you do not understand the fundamentals of internet marketing such as SEO, building website, writing contents and blogging.

However, Traffic Blackbook is worth the $197 if you are looking into paid advertising as your next income revenue. You will need to complete the course and make the best use from this product and apply it. “Knowing is not enough, you must apply it. Will is not enough, you must do it”, a quote from Bruce Lee that my partner, Cena sent me this afternoon.

Should I Buy Traffic Blackbook 2?

The thing about Traffic Blackbook 2 course is that it teaches you the strategies of paid advertising. You will need to invest part of your money to get started. A good gauge is around $500 to do a trial an error on selective paid advertising such as Facebook advertising, pay-per click (PPC) or click per action (CPA). To be bluntly honest, you will lose some before you can make a gain and paid advertising requires you to practice and find the best solution to make your campaign into a successful one.

On Traffic Blackbook trainings, I think it is a good course overall as Chad covers in details with a lot of valuable information on paid advertising. His guest trainers also teaches many varieties of specialized segmentation although some of the tutorials are quite lagging and monotonous.

So it depends on what you want to pursue. All I can say that you will get will learn a great deal and benefit from this course. The support from this product is very good and responsive and there is a chat forum whereby the you can get help if you are stuck in a way.


There are a lot of programs in the internet and you do not know where to start and how to choose. If you choose a product like Traffic Blackbook 2, then you will learn and hopefully earn back your $197 in a short while.


For me personally, Traffic Blackbook is not a scam but a good platform to learn about paid advertising to the next level. I have not gone down to paid advertising yet but will certainly do this after my project with Cena. We are in a midst of a project which is quite interesting and will furnish you a review if we complete this project, hopefully it will be a success. Finger crossed.

So if you need to know more about affiliate marketing, you can leave your name and email at the right hand corner to join my FREE 5 days affiliate marketing course or you may want to read my #1 product review on Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great program and you will learn a lot about the foundation of affiliate marketing.

Feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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