Is Free Traffic Cash Surge a scam? Traffic goes a long way.

Product Name: Free Traffic Cash Surge

Owner: Phillip Schaffer, Stefan Cianco and Greg Kononeko

Website: freetrafficcashsurge.com

Start up fee: $7.19

Rating: 15/100


Traffic is an important part of a successful website and as an internet marketer, there are many ways to get traffic to your website. One way is by launching your campaign on social media platforms by either paid traffic, pay-per-click (PPC), or click per action (CPA), etc.

There are several programs on traffic generation which you can opt for and some of the programs are reasonably good while some are not worth a dime of your money. How do you find a suitable product then? The thing about IM is to understand the concept and process. You have to learn on getting the right niche for your product and thereafter engage your audience. Many of the current internet marketers are impatient (I use to be one) and wanted everything to be fast, fast and fast. You want fast money, fast success and fast retirement. Fat hope! I don’t think you will get success if you do it fast. You will need to crawl in order to walk.

So this product I am going to review is all about traffic generation and is it worth to look at?

So let’s continue.

What is Free Traffic Cash Surge?

Free Traffic Cash Surge is a guide created by Phillip Schaffer, Stefan Cianco and Greg Kononeko that teaches you to how to drive free traffic to your website and uses an unusual technique not often use by IMs, using Kindle Store via Amazon.

How do you create traffic out from Kindle store? I have to say it is a good idea by the owners. In order to create free traffic to your website, the guide suggests you to buy Private Label Rights (PLR) contents, modify the contents to include your link to your website and then sell them. Once your reader reads the ebook, they may then click your link to your website and hopefully purchase your products. Good idea heh. Maybe it will work for you or maybe it will not work.

Should I Buy Traffic Cash Surge?

Using this method to drive your traffic is not a bad idea per se. Amazon is also a well known and trusted brand and you can see many consumers visits Amazon daily purchasing many items. It is a great base to set up your online business in a way. With Amazon, you can see a huge potential to build your online business and by tapping on Amazon, your success probability is somewhat good. There is a couple of programs which you can use with Amazon as your principle. One of them is to be an affiliate to Amazon or there is another program (good online opportunity) which I will discuss with you on one of my future blogs.


Free Traffic Cash Surge offers quite a number of upsells and without any doubt, it can be annoying. Unfortunately, the bad thing about online programs and products are their upsells. You can be offered an interesting product but later on, you will need to purchase upsells upon upsells to upgrade your current system. My advice? Learn the main program first in detail before purchasing their upsells. Follow your head not your emotions, please.

Another flaws about this guide is the suggestion of using PLR contents. There are many users using PLR as a tool and it is a norm in today’s industry. So when you use PLR contents, most of the ideas used are read by many consumers and therefore, you cannot built a trust and engage with your customers. Like I said before, you will need to engage with your audience in order to built their trust to have on a long term relationship. Long term relationship is important and you will need this to make your business grow and be successful. There is a quote that I have taken from one of the products I purchased “Everything we do in our business should be, first and foremost, In the Best Interest of our Customers”. You think it over.


So my verdict for this product is not a scam but the recommendation like purchasing PLR contents is totally not recommended, to be honest. It offers an interesting idea to get traffic to your website by using PLR contents to create links in your ebooks to drive traffic to your website but in a long run, your so call success will run out of steam. It can work for you or it won’t work at all. The price is very low and you can try it if you are keen on the idea. Don’t go for the upsells and read in detail and understand the concept first.


There is another way to learn online marketing and if you want to know more about affiliate marketing, you can leave your name and email at the right hand corner to join my FREE 5 days affiliate marketing course or you may want to read my #1 product review on Wealthy Affiliate.

My approach is for you to learn as much as possible in internet marketing and finding a suitable program that benefits you as a consumer and an entrepreneur. In my next blog, I will share with you on something different on being an internet marketers.

Feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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