Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam?

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Do you have an online site that needs good traffic? One of the most popular schemes that can help you generate traffic to your site is subscribing to a Pay to Click (PTC) program that will help boost your website presence on the web. One PTC site that is getting attention is the Traffic Monsoon, which offers its subscribers traffic diversification services that provide advertisers the leverage of achieving success. Just as any business offerings that involve money, some will always ask is Traffic Monsoon a scam? It takes better understanding on how Traffic Monsoon operates its PTC site and what advertising services you should expect to get in exchange of paying for its advertising package. It doesn’t end there, however. We also need to know the person behind the site that can affect our verdict in determining whether there are warning signs of potential scam to consider from Traffic Monsoon.

Is Traffic Monsoon a Scam – It Certainly Is Not An Investment


It is worth noting that Traffic Monsoon is not a form of an investment. It is actually a PTC and traffic exchange program that offers advertisers boost their ad traffic online. It works like this: you purchase its Adpacks and you will get advertisement credits in exchange for your money. The program will help advertise your website or referral links that can help increase your website traffic and to enhance your advertisement exposure on the web. It is therefore not an investment but you are actually purchasing for the site’s advertising services. Traffic Monsoon also sells other forms of advertisements such as credit ads, banner ads and Cashlink ads which appear to be generating good profit. This works as a sharing revenue scheme that allows them to share the profit from these ads to their members.

It can be gleaned from how their services work that purchasing their Adpacks provides an advertising service that will offer its subscribers the benefit of enjoying a revenue sharing scheme. Moreover, those who want to use their advertising services for free, there is an opportunity to earn through referrals and you can possibly earn a 100% commission for every click on the ads. It is a traffic exchange credit purchase that will allow you to obtain more traffic exchange visitors without really spending more time to exhaust for advertising your own ads. At $5.95 you get 1000 visitor credits, at $13.95 with 2500 visitor credits up to $600 for 500,000 visitor credits. With the visitor credits you obtain you are giving your ads a broader exposure to myriads of sites that can help generate revenues for your marketing leads and referrals.

Behind the good things lie some red flags to be aware of


Now, with all these adding up with the positive comments from its members who claim to be earning from Traffic Monsoon’s revenue sharing plan, there are good reasons to consider that the site is not a scam. However, it is most prudent to consider the negative side of the business that although it may look to appear as legit there are some red flags to consider so you have to be more careful when dealing with its business. One of the important things about Traffic Monsoon that is noticeable to my prowling eyes is the fact that the person behind the program is Charles Scoville who happens to have a bad reputation in the past for running other PTC sites that are branded as scam sites. These sites include BuxSecure, Infinitybux, Powerfulbux, Banrev, Wealthenginex, Foreverbux, ultimatepowerboost, TviPtc, and uLaunchFormula. All of them were closed down leaving many unpaid members behind.

The Traffic Monsoon site continues to pay its members as far as the comments and feedbacks are concerned at the time of this writing. Considering that it is performing well and paying its members, the site remains to be legitimate when operating its business. However, considering the past history of its founder, I am hesitant to highly recommend the program to anyone because of the risk of being scammed just like what happened to the members of similar PTC sites that the founder operated before.


My verdict in answering your query is Traffic Monsoon a scam is as simple as to be more prudent in spending your money for this type of profit making scheme. While Traffic Monsoon cannot be considered a scam because it is doing well in generating income and is paying its members as it should, you should be more alert about the possibility that it might also suffer the same fate as the other failed PTC sites that its founder started before. What I recommend instead is to settle for the free account that it offers for its referral program. In case you cannot resist the charm of gaining profit from its Adpacks, it is always best to subscribe only to an amount that you don’t mind losing, just in case.

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