Is Fashion Design Course By Annette Corrie a Scam?

For those who have passion about fashion designing it is common to hear them ask is fashion design course by Annette Corrie a scam? There is so much fuss about whether Annette Corrie’s course offering is worth the take for your money or it might be just another discreet money making scheme that intends to scam people of their money. It is very common to feel a bit distant and more careful about taking online courses considering the danger of getting scammed and become a prey to unscrupulous offers on the internet. Here is what I have found out about the fashion design course by Annette Corrie that can help you decide whether it is legit or not.


Is fashion design course by Annette Corrie a scam – Its offerings sound legitimate

What the course offers is learning how to become a successful fashion designer. Annette Corrie is a professional fashion designer who discloses the secret on getting started on your own professional fashion designing career. The program claims to offer an online course, but in fact, it is mainly an eBook that is loaded of information on how to improve your own fashion designing skills. It does sound misleading that you will be taking a course in fashion designing, but all you ever get are information about how to develop your skills in drawing designs more professionally, know what people want to wear and how to develop garment designs that will sell out to your target market.

You will also have the exclusive access to the personal demonstration of Annette Corrie that will be a good source of learning how to develop your fashion designing skills to the professional level. Reviews are positive about the results-driven content of the eBook that provides valuable information that can help its readers learn the basic to advanced skills in drawing your designs like a pro. Moreover, you get some predictions about the fashion designing trends and styles that are hottest in the industry. Other revealing information that you can get from your subscription on Annette Corrie’s fashion design course include tips on how to find a clothing manufacturer to make your clothes.


Deals to consider for your purchase

The program sounds legit because it provides the public good deals in exchange of purchasing the program at a cost of $47. Now, that is hardly a scam considering you are paying something out of your money. The main site provides loads of information that help you manage your expectations on what you can get from the fashion designing course (which I prefer to use the term eBook instead of fashion design course). There are also several bonuses that are offered as perks to make the purchaser of the program happier, such as the 65 page color book that provides the step by step details about the fashion industry, how to start you own fashion line, fashion illustration templates, fashion blogs, and creating your own fashion story board. If you think this information is good sources to help you expand your knowledge and skills about fashion designing, you are probably getting a good deal for your $47 one-time purchase.

The money back guarantee offer on the site is also a good way of removing the cloud of doubts that the fashion design course is a scam. You will get back 100% of your money if you think you are not satisfied with what you get from your purchase. That sounds like a legitimate offer that is usually absent in many scam offers online. For someone who wants to learn the basic about fashion designing and something about the industry with additional tips and educational materials to uplift your knowledge and skills about the field, your investment may be worth it. Besides the money back guarantee offers you protection to venture on a risk free trial on Annette Corrie’s learning materials and resources. On the side note, you will probably find some of those techniques and information online for free.


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Caveat on the fashion designing course offering

What is kind of misleading about the program is probably using the term “course” because what the program actually offers are learning materials like an eBook and video demonstration and not actually the real essence of getting a course to study. The advertisement compared the cost of the program for getting a real fashion designing course that will cost you thousands of dollars to enroll. This is a smart way of enticing you to purchase the program when you compared the cost of $47 for the eBook to $1000 or more worth of fashion designing course.


If you ask me is fashion design course by Annette Corrie a scam, my answer is it is not. It is a legit offer that gives you something in exchange for your money. The website is very transparent about the information you need to know in determining whether the package is worth what you are paying for and to manage your expectations on what Annette Corrie can offer in helping you grow your fashion designing career.

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