Is Traffic Authority A Scam

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If you have your mind set on getting involved in a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, you probably have some promising business endeavor to look forward to. MLM is a legitimate marketing strategy that is used to optimize the sales force by doubling your compensation resource not only from the sales you generate but also from the sales of other people to whom you recruit as down line. There are many MLM businesses in the internet today and one worth considering is the Traffic Authority. Many are asking is Traffic Authority a scam, however, and it is a good thing to ask because it is the most prudent thing that an investor should consider before signing up to any MLM business online.

Is Traffic Authority a scam – Predicaments about their income opportunity scheme

MLM is a marketing scheme where you can possibly promote your business online by building more traffic that can convert you profit for business. It works by subscribing to a particular product or service from a company and you can earn sales commission directly from your subscription. You can also recruit others to become an affiliate from whom you are also entitled a sales commission from their sales points. The people you recruit will be your downline while you will be their upline. As in the case of Traffic Authority subscribers are offered with a free membership but you cannot earn anything until you buy their traffic packages.


You can subscribe for the Traffic Authority packages which supply premium package to online businesses. Your traffic will convert into leads and eventually can bring your business an income opportunity. They also provide network marketing and affiliate marketing offers. In order to enjoy the offer of income opportunities from the company you need to sign up a $27/month worth of training package and buy their traffic packages at $220 up to $8000. Once your downline makes a sale then that’s the time you also get a commission from them. You can view this scheme as pyramiding, which is one that has developed a bad image in the online marketing community.

But what is fundamentally questionable is the huge profit that Traffic Authority promises to its subscribers.  According to its sales video, they offer massive traffic for your business that can provide a big leap to huge profitability. The high profit they promise seems very appealing but unfortunately are not realistic. It seems difficult to earn immediately since you need to purchase their packages and have to make at least 3 sales before you can savor the return of your investment. Another thing is their sales video provides that you can apply your earnings from Traffic Authority to your personal traffic package purchases. This simply means that you are encouraged to reinvest your earning again to the company. Moreover, you need to buy their traffic packages before you can promote them to earn. This is so contrary to other affiliate marketing businesses that allow you to promote and sell their products for free and you get a commission from your sales.

Are they really giving quality traffic?

There is also some doubts regarding where Traffic Authority gets their alleged quality traffic – from bots or real people? Google is now wiser to immediately detect whether a site generates quality traffic, meaning from real people and not just from automated bots such as the ones that are commonly sold by traffic management providers. You should be wary about using artificial traffic sources to your site as Google just might penalize your business site that will affect your web page ranking on search. Many traffic and link building services usually use the gimmick of selling quality traffic but they use bots that can make your site traffic unnatural that can send a warning to Google.



To answer your question is Traffic Authority a scam, it is always safe to consider the possibilities that it might not be a legitimate business that can potentially harm your internet marketing performance. While some may be earning a profit for directly selling their traffic packages and from your downlines, you should think twice about spending your money on something that can hurt your traffic reputation and does not guarantee good traffic to your site and income. Moreover, Traffic Authority is managed by the same person who conceived the Infinite Leverage System that also closed later on. These two companies have the same products with modified compensation plan. Its traffic packages are also quite expensive as compared to other companies that are offering similar products. Your funds will probably be running dry by purchasing their expensive products before you can actually earn a return of your investment.

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