Is Free Money Guaranteed A Scam

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If there is something fishy about the Free Money Guaranteed program, the name itself is a giveaway. Many are asking is Free Money Guaranteed a scam and different reviews are consistent in affirming each other that it is. Considering that this program is already creating a big buzz as another binary investment scam, I am inclined to determine what could possibly make the program sway as a legit investment by visiting the site and make a more thorough analysis in dissecting the program’s offerings and flaws.

Is Free Money Guaranteed A Scam – The Program Name’s Takeaways

Who could not resist when something offers a guaranteed income using a system of investment that will make you rich easily by ensuring that you will earn a promising $526,521.12 net income in 30 Days, guaranteed. This is everyone’s dream, right? But the problem is there is no guarantee to earn a profit in all types of investments. You need to work hard in finding the right strategies to make your investment grow. Earning that much amount of profit within the given period of time as promised by its creator Bobby Anderson is completely a baloney. What makes the program sound ridiculous is the fact that it is offering a 6-figure guaranteed income while giving its potential subscribers a $100,000 money back guarantee if it doesn’t work. While it is free to access the Free Money Guaranteed System, the program as a binary investment scheme will require you to trade and fund your account and spend at least $250 to start using the binary trading application program.

Offers that sound deceptive and phony


In all legit binary investment programs one gets a clearer picture on how a program works. With the Free Money Guaranteed program, there is no way of knowing what kind of method, algorithm or whatever form of a system is being used for predicting the odds for your investment. Simply stated, you will be gambling your minimum investment of $250 blindly on something that does not give you specific information that can convince your prudent and reasonable mind to believe that its system will actually work. There is nothing that the program can guarantee therefore how its system will generate the $526,521.12 net income within 30 days for you.

There are also other features on its online site that are screaming for red flags aside from the program with too good to be true sales pitch. First is the countdown that brings the time ticking because there are only 7 new spots left and you need to rush in making a decision in order not to miss the opportunity of earning 6-digit income as it promises. However, try to refresh the page and the countdown is reset to a new one. This is certainly very deceptive and quite tricky to rush potential subscribers in signing up for free and be enticed in venturing on a binary trading investment and shell out their money. Second, something very fishy about the program is the security badges (VeriSign, McAffee Secure, Symantex, GeoTrust, and SSL Secure Connection) that it displays on the screen. These are merely images of the organizations that provide online security features for safer transactions on the web that were only embedded on the web page to make the site look more legitimate. But when you click on them nothing happens. Another noticeable about the site’s URL is the absence of https which indicates that it does not have a SSL certificate.


The testimonial videos were also a phony since they were only published using the Yo3uTube platform and when you click to watch the video, a message will tell you that the video is no longer accessible because the account associated to it has been terminated. Some reviews also exposed that the Free Money App System has been used in other binary scams. From the eyes of a very meticulous researcher, the luxury car where that the maker of the Free Money Guaranteed program rides who claims that he is a millionaire is apparently from a car rental.


The verdict on many queries is Free Money Guaranteed a scam is that there are too many loopholes to believe that it can be a legitimate binary program. Binary trading is a very high risk form of investing and by the way the program describes how easy it is to make guaranteed income from the system is very misleading. At the end of the day, you will be scammed by making a trade with real money without understanding how your investment is protected by its system. It remains unclear how the program can generate a guaranteed income when the binary trading system is methodologically known to be high risk.


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