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Do you find it appealing to join a team of individuals claiming to be tired of the bogus online money making strategies being offered to innocent investors and marketers in the internet and whose aim is to build a team of Leaders League 360 where they can teach you the more effective and real ways of building residual income? It is indeed tempting to join this team who can empathize with you about getting sick and tired of different online marketing scams. Before you get enticed of joining the team, you should ask first is Leaders League 360 a scam? Here’s what I found out about the system that can help you gauge your decisions on whether it is worth joining or not.

Is Leaders League 360 a scam – What the program offers you?

The membership of the program is actually free. All you need is to sign up in order to gain access to the Leaders League 360 proven strategies for building residual income, complete sales funnel and marketing system, support group from the people behind the program, traffic sources with high conversions and live weekly training. The program itself is an automated funnel system which its creators claim to generate profit for you. There are four types of income streams that are available to choose from. By using these you will be able to make passive income in addition to your regular jobs with the freedom to do your other activities without worrying about earning profits with your leisure time.

You will be taken to a sign in page where you will provide the system with your email and name in its sales form. Members will also have an access to the group’s Facebook page. The income streams available are the BeOnPush, Traffic Monsoon, Automated Wealth Network and Power Lead System. Each has unique ways of earning you an income:

The BeOnPush provides a bidding of advertising with an automatic buying of the ads placement. You need to purchase the ad pack at $20 with the recommendation of purchasing at least 20 ad packs in order to make an upfront investment worth $400. The downside of this scheme is that you need to know advertisers to generate income otherwise you will be left with the choice of selling your ad packs to new recruits of the Leaders League 360.


Traffic Monsoon allows you to buy traffic for your ads and get clicks that will give you a commission. The ad pack costs $50. The program requires a profit sharing portion where you should get 10 ad clicks per day. The downside of this system is that you need to become a part of the traffic by clicking your own ads to maintain your membership to the program and honestly, Traffic Monsoon does not deliver high quality traffic which gives a lower conversion rate for your ads.

The Power Lead System is a marketing tool that you can use in order to bring traffic to your ads to earn commissions from the tools that you sell. The difficult part of this type of income stream is you need buy traffic and purchase the ad packs to earn profits. The pack costs $25 per month and there is no income guarantee if you can actually make a sale.

The Automated Wealth Network requires the highest amount of investment where you need to pay at least $650 for the system alone and you will incur a monthly charge of $100 thereafter. The system comes with an affiliate program with questionable performance in generating income to its subscribers.

What’s the Catch?


The marketing schemes offered by the Leaders League 360 appear to be legitimate ways of earning an income online. BUT there’s a catch. They made it sound so easy to achieve earning the profits that their system promises. But if you are very mindful about how the system works and scrutinize the process of earning from it you will realize there are too many upsells involved where the affiliate programs require costly upfront investments. The products themselves are not of high quality that will entice buyers for an instant purchase. Moreover, it requires extensive efforts in recruiting for affiliates for the Leaders League 360. Isn’t it the goal for using the system is to earn you an income by using its marketing strategies and use its sales funnel for better profits, right? But you will be required to recruit new members instead where your resources and time will likely be focused on.


It is safe to answer your question is Leaders League 360 a scam this way. The system may work in generating you an income if you are already an expert marketer who can flawlessly use the system of traffic generation, ad packs and affiliate networking in your favor. Otherwise, you are likely to get frustrated for not being able to use these strategies efficiently that will be a waste of your money.

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