Is eCom Fury a scam?

Is eCom Fury a Scam? – Nothing Fury At All

Product Name: eCom Fury
Owners: Chris Blair
Price : $497 monthly
Website: (not affiliate link)
Rating: 10/100

Last week a friend of mine who also looking for some eCommerce course and she had signed up for a membership site that cost her $500. I chat with her and she is really upset about it and regretted signing up without doing much research.

The owner Chris Blair of the product promise the sun and the moon, but only to deliver crap product. I ask her what kind of course has her sign up. It is eCom Fury, the sound of it seem like burning with desire. Ok, fine, I am not going to burn my $500. My friend knows I run this site and like me to review it. She allows me to access to the site using her username and password. I’m glad she trusts me and let me find out is eCom Fury a scam?

What is eCom Fury?

The website it so clean, at a glance on the home page you only can see eCom Fury Membership and Mastermind Group. My friend considers lucky when she sign up it is one time payment of $500. Now it’s a monthly bill of $497.

Is eCom Fury a scam?


The about page is covered with only sentence “eComFury is a membershiping platform for eCommerce Entrepreneurs looking for constant training”. Maybe the owner Chris Blair is so confident with his product that no need to mention more.

I go ahead to log in and find out more. It has only 6 different category of learning platform. All in video training.

eCom Fury Review – The 6 Learning Platform

Is eCom Fury a scam?

Facebook Marketing: 7 videos
Shopify: 5 videos but not able to view.
T-shirt platofrm: 0 video
Webinars: 9 videos, each more than 20min some about an hour long
Marketing Strategies: 1 video
Mindset and Podcast: 1 video

As you can see here clearly the product owner don’t really bother to add in value to his membership. For Shopify the videos are not working, even the members didn’t bring up in the comment box. No action is taken.

Is eCom Fury a scam?

I watch some of the Facebook Marketing video, there are 3 level beginner, intermediate and advance. He just shows the very basic of using Facebook marketing and tips which can find it for free on YouTube.

As for Marketing Strategies, Mindset and Podcast video is totally useless and serve no meaning at all. You can learn these for free as well.


• Clean Website


• Ridiculous overprice
• Very basic internet marketing training
• Not much support

Look at the amount of complain on eCom Fury.


Is eCom Fury a scam? In my opinion, it is a scam. The owner does not bother about his members at all. At a monthly subscription fee of $497 is daylight robbery. There is no update of training so far as I can see. I do not recommend this product to anyone. My friend wanted to ask for a refund and it not allow to. She brings this up to me so that I can expose this and keep you guys safe. Her Blog:

She lost her money so you won’t. Let thanks her for this. So what next if you are looking for a legit course that you can learn in peace of mind. Read my #1 Recommend Product and you can get started for free.

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