Is Countdown To Profits a Scam?

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Are you attracted to an offer that will make you a millionaire without the need for any experience while spending only very few hours a day to work? This seems to be a very enticing offer made by the Countdown To Profits and many are getting very interested about joining the program. But before you give any money to pay for the system, you should ask first is Countdown To Profits a scam? There seems to be many inconsistencies in this offer that anyone interested of signing up should be aware about.

Is Countdown To Profits a scam – Reasons to suspect that it is

You need not be a savvy investor to know that whenever an offer to make money sounds too good to be true, it actually is. The Countdown To Profits offers an income generating profit that will make you at least $75,000 a month and can make you a millionaire within a year. Sounds very enticing, huh? But the problem is any prudent man will know that this is a mere sales pitch to lure innocent investors to sign up for its system.

Let me tell you why I suspect this program is probably a scam. The site does not explain to you how you will earn a monthly income of $75,000, more so how you can become a millionaire in as short as one year. You should be asking, how you can generate an income this much a month for spending only at least 4 hours a day?


Its creator, Richard Paul does not exert the effort to convince a person 2with a critical thinking to believe that its autopilot program will make many a millionaire without giving any information about how the system works. Its overhyped sales pitch is a giveaway that this is just another get rich quick scam. What it is actually offering to potential subscribers is a miracle system of making one rich that in reality can never exist, otherwise everyone will become a millionaire by now.

You will be offered to use its system in order to earn huge profits, however it is notable that this claim is inconsistent from its disclaimer page (which people usually do not bother to take the time to read most of the time) that the site provides no income claim, whether implied or guaranteed.

Another disturbing fact about the offer is the overwhelming convincing tactic that the Countdown To Profits is making to lure people to sign up, such as flashing fancy cars, mansions and a luxury vacation that can be yours once you start earning from the program. This is an effective distraction to keep your attention from investigating how the program actually works and to focus on what the program can benefit you that can lure you to sign up.

Other potential deceptions


You will be required to pay $97 to get access to the Countdown To Profits program. This is a one-time fee which Richard Paul claims to be a payment for web hosting and an access to the training materials and using its autopilot software that will make you rich. As you begin to hesitate paying this amount, you will be attracted with the $500 offer you will receive once the system does not give you big commissions within 30 days of using the program. Sounds like a great deal to gamble your $97 to give the system a shot.

The program offers a money back guarantee which is only good for 30 days. What appears to be a tricky tactic here is that you will have 30 days to try the system in order to avail of the $500 being offered once you find it not to be working in your favor. But the money back guarantee is only good for 30 days to request. You will likely be enticed to avail of the $500 that you will be inclined to finish the 30-day period to try out the program and by then your right to request for a refund will already be forfeited. And I doubt that you will get the $500 that the creator of the Countdown To Profits promises.


If you would ask me, is Countdown To Profits a scam? I would say it probably is. There are too many inconsistencies on what the site offers and you will certainly begin to wonder how do you ever to earn the profit it promises when there are not enough information you can get from the site itself. Its overhype sales talk equate to ridiculous claims and promises that makes the program potentially a scam.


3 thoughts on “Is Countdown To Profits a Scam?”

  1. Blanky Bradshaw

    This is a total scam. This is the same scam as all other offers, never say that they will be a second and a third charge in order to enhance the program. Their presentation sounds like a cheap timeshare presentation and the lack of information about the complete program is disgusting. Y

  2. I misunderstood, I thought just by me listening to his pitch for 500 seconds that I would be paid $500.00. I am a full time convenience store clerk, and single mom. I recieve no government assistance, I work very hard. I haven’t even had a permanent place for my girl and i to live for past 11 months. (2 days ago I finally got a call back on 1 bedroom apartment. My daughter and I move in July 1st. ?) I do not even have one penny to my name, let alone $97.00. I do not say all of this for pity, i am saying I am too damn poor to pay money for a job. Even if it only cost 1 dollar, I do not have 1 dollar. I am so angry right now. That ad was a lie. I dont care about riches, fancy houses, cars or vacations. All I want is stabilty and my own home, so I never have to depend on family or friends for a place to stay. I am angry that I knew better, yet I sat here, with my false hope growing with each second passing on the screen. Grrrr I only have high school diploma, no college, no trade and nobody to blame but myself. My background check that some employers require is embarrassing and also is what has held me back. I apologize for this long pointless comment. I am pretty sure I was trying to make a point. Haha Cant remember what it was. I am glad. I do not have 97 bucks.

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