Is Derek Gehl a Scam?

Is Derek Gehl a Scam? – Awesome Free Knowledge

Product Name: Entrepreneur Ignited
Owner: Derek Ghel
Website: (not affiliate link)
Price: Free
Rating: 85/100


Is Derek Gehl a Scam?I believe you know is Derek Ghel or somehow heard of his name somewhere. He is no stranger in the internet marketing industry. He is the founder of Entrepreneur Ignited. I like to find out what he is offering and courses he provides for beginners. I signed up his free email courses, to my surprise, I received pretty good knowledge.

There is no pitch or hard selling to push you. The free course comes with 4 lesson very easy to understand. Derek makes it simple for you by breaking into 4 lesson 1 day intervals for you to absorb and take a lesson.


• Free
• Very detail information
• Good advice
• Easy to understand


• No content, only video throughout

As it is free courses so I do not expect much from it but most of this information will be chargeable by other guru. So do take advantage of it, take notes and most importantly take action.

Valuable 4 Lesson

Is Derek Gehl a scam? 1. The Mindset
2. What to Sell
3. How to Sell
4. Traffic Generation

Each lesson takes around 20 minutes long.

For Whom

For total newbie who have no or little experience on internet marketing. The information provide to you, is relevant and good for you to get started. If you like to know who is Derek himself, is good for you to see how he present himself on the video.


Is Derek Gehl a scam? No, he knows what he is doing and know how to show you. He encourage to get started with imperfect plan. There is no perfect way to get started in internet marketing as well as anything. What I like about his lesson, there is no single pitch to ask you to buy anything. No pop up to get this or that.

He only asks you to keep in touch with him, that’s all. Which I seldom see among other marketer. I recommend you to sign up his free course. I’m not an affiliate of his product, so there nothing benefit me when you sign up. As you know Internet Scams Report seldom give high recommendation.

What next? When you are a kid, the moment you take up the spoon to feed ice-cream yourself. You mess up the whole table, your mouth full of ice-cream. Your parent helps you to wipe it. Now you have the access of the internet, just waiting you to get started. Action speaks louder than words.

Internet Scams Report


What do you think of Derek Gehl? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

8 thoughts on “Is Derek Gehl a Scam? – Awesome Free Knowledge”

  1. Good review on Derek Gehl.
    Would be great if you can guide/teach me the basics of how to implemenet an affiliate marketing site that generates income. The affiliate income, big or small does not matter first, more important is how to get the affiliate site up and running in a stable condition.

    I’ve spent years of trying but not successful because still cannot find someone to guide me. Derek’s course in those years were very expensive and could no afford it.

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for dropping by. Saw your comment on my WA review. My advice is not to change shiny object. WA have weekly webinar where you get the most out of it. Position yourself to complete the task given to you by WA and yourself. Look forward to see you grow.

  2. Thanks for your review, so glad I found it. Derek Gehl is giving a workshop in the Philippines this coming April and I’m interested in attending. I’m glad to know he is legit.

  3. I paid for the course and website set up. It’s expensive and too technical for most people. It’s next to impossible to make money unless you already have some physical business or product that is proven. Affiliated marketing and all the free eBooks are nonsense. If you have a real product to sell, pay someone to set up and maintain your website. Focus on your business rather than wasting money trying to learn web set up. Leave that to experienced people. It doesn’t cost that much more in Singapore to hire a web set up and support service.

  4. Hi Cena,

    I am Jonathan from Singapore. I have been thinking bout selling on Amazon, but I think newbies from Singapore will face a few obstacles: (1) the market is in USA, we are in Singapore, and the goods are mostly from China or other countries, so there might be problem keeping track of what’s going on and making sure things go right, and (2) keeping stock in Amazon requires a few thousand dollars. I took some course on how to sell on Amazon, but the barcode thing confuses me, so I was lost and couldn’t start anything.

    Would like to hear from you whether it is feasible for a Singaporean to sell on Amazon.

    Thank you,
    Jonathan Pang

  5. Hi Cena,
    Thanks for the review. I am from singapore. I attended Derek’s 1 day Jumpstart seminar last month in Suntec. I was really impressed and wanted to enroll/register that time for the course but not enough resources. But now I have it already and about to sign up. Did u sign up for yourself? I asked coz i wanna know if it is not too late for me to join. I mean if u are already in chapter 5 by now, will they give me chapter 1 first or it is like a class in a room that i need to start at chapter 5 since u are already on that part? Hope u could enlighten me ok that. Thanks.


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