Is Cashback Research a Scam? – Another Paid Survey Option?

Name: Cashback Research
Website: (not affiliate link)
Price: Free
Overall Rank: 55/100

Cashback Research

Survey site that offers to pay you to fill up simple survey and get paid. I believe you have come across a lot of them. Not all of them are scams, but the effort you put in and hoping to get some penny always end up annoying yourself. So is Cashback Research a scam? Let find out.

What is Cashback Research?

It is a survey site that stated clearly that you will not get rich but will get paid. Which is the truth, now most of the site that position themselves as make money online or work from home have a different approach. No longer they promise or guarantee you can make 5 figures with just a few clicks.

Basically the threshold of earning is at $30, so if you reach this amount you able to claim it. But from what I see, it is not so easy.


• Free


• Time consuming
• Lot of different survey company to sign up
• Not that easy
• Give away personal details

Cashback Research

My personal experience of taking paid survey is not a good one. I not sure about others who claim they can make a living by doing so. Most of the survey I only manage to take halfway and it suddenly stops. Telling me that my information or status is not qualified for the survey. Hardly make a single cent out of it.

Taking survey mean you are giving out your personal details as some of the company also require to fill in your contact number. I advise if you like to try out, please create a new email and avoid giving out your contact number. There sure are a lot of unwanted spam mail or cold calls trying to sell stuff to you.


Is Cashback Research a scam? No, but it is really misleading with banner showing you $75 worth survey waiting for you. In reality, there is not much survey that even pay you $5 a survey.


With a $30 threshold you need to achieve is pretty high. It is not easy to reach benchmark set. Why I say so? Because imagine those few dollar survey already a mountain to climb. I would like to see them make it lower in, such as low as $10 you will be paid or no threshold. This way will be fair to you who try to put in your time.

As you know money can be earned but time can never earn back. I do not recommend you to waste your precious time for this. Till next time keep yourself safe online from internet scams.

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