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Is Rent A Friend A Scam? – Get Paid To Be A Friend


Rent A Friend



OWNER NAME: Scott Rosenbaum


RATING:  7/10


For people who are outgoing and don’t mind meeting new people to become their friend and to keep them company you can potentially earn by doing this from Rent A Friend. The site offers an opportunity for you to get paid for the time you spend for just being a friend to people who want to have a friend to accompany them or just to have someone around. If you are lonely or just need a friend and willing to pay in finding one, Rent A Friend can also provide you the platform where you can find this friend you want or need. If you are starting to wonder is Rent A Friend a scam? this review will help you sort out whether it gives you a good option of finding a friend for a fee and/or becoming a friend and get paid for it.

Rent A Friend Review

Rent a Friend was conceived by Scott Rosenbaum whose idea is to provide a friend for hire web based service. You have the option of becoming a friend for hire or to hire a friend. This web based friend for hire service has been around since 2009 and based in New Jersey. Considering that it is featured in major news sites like CNN and Fox, Rent a Friend is indeed a legitimate site where you can potentially get paid for your service or get the right service for your money. One thing that you should understand from this money making opportunity is that it does not offer you a job. It does not provide an escort service and it is not a dating site. It is purely a site where you can pay a membership fee of $24.95 in order to find a friend. If you want to offer your service to become a friend to someone and get paid for it you need to go through some meticulous process to register for free.

By registering as a friend for hire you need to fill up an application form that will require details about you. This is important as this information will be displayed to your profile to help members searching for a friend to decide whether your profile fits their needs. There is also a compulsory 2 to 3 sentences that you need to include in your profile in the About You section. Uploading your photo is also mandatory and you need to verify your contact number. How much you earn from Rent A Friend will depend on you. You will have the chance to accept or decline an invitation to become a friend to someone. You can charge your fee on an hourly rate with the minimum rate of $10 to a maximum of $50. You can negotiate your payment term with the client who will be the one directly paying you and not Rent A Friend.


Rent A Friend offers you a flexible way of earning money. By using the service you will be able to charge a fee in your own terms and you will be working as your own boss. You decide how much you want to earn with the ability to choose when you want to earn. Rent A Friend does not give limits on how many friend invitations you can accept. Registering to become a friend is free from the site. It is also featured in major news sites like CNN, Fox, GMTV and CW News, magazines and newspapers. It also gives an opportunity to earn for people across the globe because of its worldwide presence. You work like being your own boss, too!


There are some concerns with regards to using the Rent A Friend service. There is no guarantee whether you will be paid or not since the site will not assume the payment for every friend you accept. It is the Rent A Friend customer who will be paying you directly. Some safety concerns were also raised since you will be meeting a stranger along the process. It is always best to be prudent when meeting a friend, such as meeting in public places and keeping your whereabouts known to your friends and relatives. There is also no BBB listing for the company.


Rent A Friend


Who is Rent A Friend For?

If you are an outgoing people and like to socialize and meet strangers Rent A Friend might be a good fit for you.

Rent A Friend Tools & Training

Rent A Friend does not provide training tools and materials. You meet a friend and the rest of the PRs will come from you. You need to exert effort to give your new friend the kind of company expected from you, whether to socialize, shop, dine, party, travel, etc…

Rent A Friend Support

Rent A Friend provides a feedback form, where you can give your own comments regarding the service. The site also provides a link where you can fill up your message and send to their customer support by email. There is also a question and answer type of content on the site that will help you understand how to use the service and what you should expect.

My Final Opinion of Rent A Friend

Rent a Friend is a good site that gives you an opportunity to earn money or to find a friend you are looking for. If you ask is Rent A Friend a scam? the obvious answer is it is not. However, whether you get paid by the Rent A Friend customer is not guaranteed by the site. You need to take friend invitation requests at your own risk since it will be the requesting party who will be paying you. Safety can also be an issue since you will be meeting a stranger. Overall, Rent A Friend does offer a platform where you can potentially earn but you need to be sociable and outgoing since what people on the site are looking for is a good company.


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