Is Zero Hour Work Days A Scam

Is Zero Hour Work Days A Scam? – Is It Possible?


Is Zero Hour Work Days A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Zero Hour Work Days

OWNER NAME: Brendan Mace


RATING:  2/10


There is a bunch of hyped work from home jobs ads that continue to fool people. That is why each and every time you find an offer that will claim that it can help you earn money online you tend to be skeptical and for a good reason. Internet marketing, while it offers a legitimate way of earning money, has become exploited by many to offer money making opportunity but turns out to be a scam. Recently, we have come across the Zero Hour Work Days income course that promises you to earn huge profits as much as $9259.74 per month. This seems to sound too good to be true so you might start wondering is Zero Hour Work Days a scam? Let us find out.

Zero Hour Work Days Review

Zero Hour Work Days offers an online course that will teach you how to grow your income by working online and spending only 20 minutes a day to grind your passive income that can reach as much as $9259.74 per month. The program is introduced by a You Tube star Brendan Mace. He appears to be popular in You Tube for the money making niche with about 25,000 followers. But just how effective this program he is now offering is something worth assessing. The program is offered with a membership fee of $8.67 only. Its sales page claims that you can potentially earn $263.45 daily by following very simple processes of making money grabbing pages, doing copying and pasting campaigns and get unlimited traffic. In short, you will be doing email marketing in order to earn. The course consists of 8 modules that you get through from the basic introduction on how you can earn $9259.74 a month, strategies of finding traffic and finding resources, creating money pages, and affiliate promos.


The Zero Hour Work Days is a very cheap program. At a price of $8.67 you will find it something worth trying and probably something you don’t find as a significant loss if it turns out to be a crap. The internet marketing strategies it offers do not require technical skills hence you will not find it difficult to learn of doing. It also offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


While you pay for a cheap price for the subscription fee you will be bombarded with upsells. The copy and paste email campaign that you thought comes with your subscription is locked in by an upsell that costs $37 which is offered down to $17 if you refuse to upgrade. These emails are already pre-written and all you need to do is copy and paste them and send by email. But you need to pay for the upsell to access this feature. The Done For You Money Grabbing Pages are also locked in for an upsell of $67. They are in fact no use even if you have them because it does not get traffic. Private coaching from Mace will cost you $897 and will downgrade to $197 if you refuse to take this service. It will basically cost you about $1008 should you take all the upsells and even if it downgrades in price the overall cost will be $259.95. The advertisement on how much you can earn is overly hyped too.


Is Zero Hour Work Days A Scam


Who is Zero Hour Work Days For?

Zero Hour Work Days is for people who want to learn the basic about earning money from email marketing and looking for means to earn money online. It is fit for people who want everything to be automated with internet marketing.

Zero Hour Work Days Tools & Training

Zero Hour Work Days provides training modules in the form of video and pdf tutorials. It provides training tools that will walk you through the online course of learning about email marketing and doing some actual email marketing jobs to start earning money.

Zero Hour Work Days Support

The website sales page does not provide direct support but once you are a subscribed member you will have access in contacting the provider of the program or Mace himself.

My Final Opinion of Zero Hour Work Days

If you want to ask is Zero Hour Work Days a scam? the answer is it is not. It does provide something of value for your money because you are paying for its product in the form of video training materials. However, if you ask is it worth the investment, I do not recommend it since you will have limited access to its email marketing programs unless you pay for the upsells. Its hyped marketing for a get rich quick scheme is also quite a turn off. There are many resources online that can help you learn more about email marketing for free. The product advertisement is also quite tricky since the email marketing tools are locked up with an additional cost and it will be of no use even if you paid the cheap subscription fee unless you make additional payments for the upsells to unlock them.


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