Is Income with Jamie a scam? You got to think it over.

Review on Income with Jamie

Product Name: Income with Jamie

Owners: Jamie Lewis

Website: incomewithjamie.com

Rating: 65/100


Internet marketing programs serves as a training for many users and business owners to expand their knowledge on internet marketing and to promote their products. There are many internet gurus out there claiming their programs are out of these world and by the click of your mouse, you can earn 4 figures income in a day. Many users are entice to their motivation talks and eventually succumb to all these scams. Well, I was one of those fools, listening to all their BS and eventually signed to one of their programs. I was a green horn but experience has taught me a thing or two to take note on the red flags and stay away from these scam products.

Well, let’s get on to review this product.

What is Income with Jamie?

Jamie2If you are an internet marketer, you should know Jamie Lewis. He is a multimillionaire who acquire his wealth through internet marketing and is currently an online coach teaching users to make money online with internet marketing.

There are quite a number of programs that Jamie offers and a few website references that are on the internet. All are offering coaching programs. This can be quite confusing to new users on which programs to look out for. You can go to howtomakequickmoneyonline.com or incomewithjamie.com or thesingingguru.com, just to name a few.

When you steps on the home page of the above websites, you will be introduced to an introductory video by Jamie Lewis. Jamie Lewis made the introductory speech on making tonnes of money easily and showing references on his income figures which is jaw dropping indeed. I can honestly tell you that you will need to work extremely hard to get that figures be it earning 4-figures income in a day’s work.

In his program, Jamie offers downloadable coaching videos, 24 weeks of personal coaching such as helping users in affiliate marketing, strategies of generating traffics and email consultations or FAQ. Jamie claims that by using his programs, you can earn the type of income he is currently have. To new users viewing the clips, you can say WOW! this is basically insane and I am joining in NOW!

Should you follow Income with Jamie?

The cost of investment is relatively affordable but in his programs, there are no free version available although there is a money back guarantee if you do not like his programs.

Income with Jamie program are intended for newbies but my honest thought is that if you are a new to the internet marketing, you should look through the program offered and reviews. As for the reviews, I can say there are quite a number of good reviews than bad ones. I guess Jamie has a good product.

In internet marketing, the most important thing you should want to know is the traffic generation to your websites. So in order for you to achieve the amount of good traffic, your ranking in the search engine must be high and how do you do it? It is quite difficult for those who are new to internet marketing but once you get the fundamental right that applying proper niches, you are able to get it right.


So it is not about getting tonnes of money in an instant but with proper training and hard work, you are able to achieve your goals. I think the videos by Jamie is exaggerating although I don’t deny that he has a better product than other internet gurus and there are good reviews on his product.


When someone launch a product, there will be many critics and reviews. The products launched will have pros and cons and with Income with Jamie, I can say there are a few disadvantages as follows.

  • Jamie teaches affiliate marketing and when you join his program, you will be getting many affiliate links which is introduced by his programs. So you need to be careful in selecting the links.
  • Internet gurus shares their earnings and are too focus on making money as quickly as possible. The details are seldom not taught and usually some motivational speeches.
  • Information can be taught on other training site for free and some of the information are rather outdated.


My advice to your guys is to do your research in the internet, search for reviews such as blogs and Youtube post before embarking on a product. Just a point to note before you join this program, his reviews can be mostly positive and it is up to you to choose. But you have to look at the red flags closely, you may not get what you want or be as close to Jamie Lewis when you join the program.

From his introductory video on YouTube, you can see that Jamie makes huge claims and his sales pitch talks will entice new internet marketers to join his programs. He has a couple of website which can be very confusing although you will go through the same program he introduced. To add on more to your first investment, you will need to purchase his affiliate links. So there will be upsells.

Stay safe out there. Feel free to comment below. Thanks.

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