Is Wake Up Now a Scam?

Is Wake Up Now a scam? It is not going to wake me up.

Product Name: WakeUpNow


Membership fee: Silver Package – $24.95/mth; Gold Package $49.95/mth; Platinum Package -$99.95/mth

Rating: 30/100


There are many opportunities in the internet for you to create and build your business. I have seen quite a number of opportunities such as multi level marketing (MLM), network marketing, affiliate marketing and other investment opportunities that are being offered to individuals to create a better income for them. Unfortunately, there are many of these companies that are trying to con people into believing their companies are worth investing.

So let me go through with you on my short review on WakeUpNow.

What is WakeUpNow?

WakeUpNow is a network marketing website that provides users with products and services at a discounted rates. Also there will be a referral benefits when users refers them to this program.

There are 3 different package when you join WakeUpNow. You will be paying monthly subscription for the 3 different packages. The silver package is $24.95/mth while gold package is $49.95/mth and platinum package is $99.95/mth.

The products they offer are quite wide from energy drinks to travel packages and anti-virus programs, etc. The products they offer are at so called discounted price or distributor price. There is the referral compensation scheme which we all know have the same structure as other MLM companies.


The thing I am sceptical about this program is that the products offered can be found on other companies which are far better and provide far more quality products. The subscription or membership fee you are getting into are not worth your investment and does not teach you anything. You are not learning anything from this, it is the same to most of the other MLM companies which provides products and at a discounted members price. Rather lame for me.

What do I see on WakeUpNow?

I don’t think by joining this program you will get your money worth. It is very unlikely your down-lines will get the monetary benefits when you refer this program to them. This is likely that you will be scamming them with this product.

To me I am not in favour of this product as you as a user are promoting a product that are not worth promoting. Nothing on the product excites me as I don’t learn any skills on internet marketing. This is not how we learn to build or create an internet marketing business.


Well, product wise, you can find similar products on other sites for a far less than Wake Up Now. Even Amazon and Groupon are offering less expensive popular brands than WakeUpNow. WakeUpNow claims that their products are of great value at a discounted price while in reality, their marketing strategies implies to get user to pay the monthly subscription fees and have a compensation plan inserted in the program.

As you can see from Goggle that most of the publication reviews that this is a product to be avoided and I hope you won’t make that call to join them.


If you want to make an income out of internet marketing, be it for your second skill or doing it full time, you will need to be knowledgeable and not by sitting down and let other people do the work for you. You must need to get your hands dirty and be willing to learn and look for opportunities to broaden your knowledge.

As for WakeUpNow, I do not see anything worth a shot especially when you are looking around for opportunities. Below is a clip from Youtube which I find it quite interesting on the Pyramid and Ponzi scheme which may interest you.

If you are a distributor of WakeUpNow or any MLM companies, I would like to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to comment below. Thank you.

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