Is My Email Mentor a Scam?

Is My Email Mentor a Scam? – Bobby Is Not Mentoring You

Product Name: My Email Mentor


Price: Free and Monthly $47

Owner: Bobby B

Rating: 20/100

Is My Email Mentor a Scam?

What is it? My Email Mentor Review

It is four system process created by Bobby. The system allows you to download a list of email subscribers so you can send them email to generate clicks to make money.

Sound pretty easy, right? The whole “Done For You” thingy is popular these days. I’m seriously looking for the right mentor to teach me email marketing, not collecting a list of subscribers that not belong to my audience and sending out email that unsure what the content about.


• Can join for free
• Easy to follow 4 step instruction
• No need to look for email subscribers


• No interaction
• Lack of support
• Unsure of email content to be sent out
• Not a real mentorship program


The Email Company

In email marketing, you can’t survive without investing, little money to get rolling. Bobby uses Email Response Pro (Stable Mailer) as their tools for their email marketing campaign. It sounds so cool when he mentions he negotiate with the company to give out his member for 10 day trial for just $10.

It is an affiliate link as I found with an ID code behind the link ““.

It’s perfectly fine for making commissions through affiliate marketing for the product he tries to promote. But what can see here it is not transparent when he earns commissions without notifying you.

How The System Work? The Four Simple Step

  1.  $100 Fast Start Bonus – Understand the whole process “Complete System Overview”
  2. You Import Your List – Once a week log on to your account for a new list of subscribers
  3. The Entire System Is Completely Automated – Download new list of subscribers and prepare to send out email. Fully automated.
  4. How You Make Money – Is accumulated by the numbers of click generate from your email marketing campaign.

Each click you make $0.20, do your simple calculation how many clicks you need to gains to make more money.

Is My Email Mentor a Scam?

The Clone

This is the MEM affiliate program, to refer people this system. Your referral will do exactly what you will be doing for this system.

That is why it’s name as the clone, your referral makes commissions through the clicks and you will always get 50% matching bonus.

For Whom?

Basically, if you like to make money through internet without learning anything. Yes, it is for you. There is exactly nothing to learn about internet marketing in this program. Even the title itself is misleading, I expect some kind of mentoring in proper email marketing.


Is My Email Mentor a Scam? In my point of view I feel it is a scam. First of all you are not learning about email marketing. It is a system telling you copy and paste blindly.

Bobby knows well he can’t set up 100 of email accounts himself. Email sending company will not allow these and also will mark it as spammers.

He mentions when your stats reaches $400 then you are allowed to withdraw which other affiliate company practice that. I don’t agree, you can receive the minimum of $10 in gift form or $100 check from Amazon as their affiliate.

Basic skill for beginners when entering this industry is to learn building a website. But Bobby telling you this is too much of trouble. Building website is not diffcult at all, you just need some time and effort.

No, I am not recommending this system to anyone. Want to know how you can be Amazon affiliate, read my #1 Recommend Product.

What you think about My Email Mentor? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “Is My Email Mentor a Scam? – Bobby Is Not Mentoring You”

  1. MyEmailMentor is just a site that joined the affiliate program of EmailResponsePros. Whenever someone signed up and gives $10 they get a referral bonus from that. You have pointed this out and it is so funny how that site says that they partnered with EmailresponsePros in order to get the 7 day $10 trial. That has nothing to do with them it’s just the company (ERP) deciding that on their own. He says he made like 1.4 million yea just from using fancy words to not tell people the truth about they are just signing up for something as his down-line then you have to make your own scam site just like him in order to make money like his scam. I wish more people knew about this and all scam and saved their time and money. But without scam the world would probably be boring right…

    1. Hi Ryan, as you can see the title itself is kind of misleading. I just point from my own opinion. I started this site not for the sake of criticize.
      I don’t let money control my review, if the product seem fishy, I will not add in any affiliate link and clearly won’t recommend it to anyone.
      There will always be scams around so my passion to keep people safe from them.


  2. My email mentor is a big SCAM….. Buyer beware…… If you want to know how I know they are a scam…….because I use to be part of the program promoting it very heavily until it was time to cash out on my commissions and then I get a email from them trying to explain why they were not going to pay me. I have enclosed the email below for your viewing. BUYER BEWARE …….. I going to devote a great deal of my time and energy to tell as many people as I can contact to stay away from theses low life Bastards.

    Good morning and thank you for your email.

    Let’s talk a second about the commissions and why the amounts have been reduced.

    There are usually 2 reasons for the reduction in commissions.

    1. First is because of fraudulent clicks. Not on your part, but as a part of the overall Email Marketing community, fraudulent clicks are something that happen every day, and cannot be avoided. That being said, in accordance with number 8 of the Terms and Conditions agreed to when becoming a member, and shown at the bottom of every page, which states: “8. Every month, before commissions are paid, MyEmailMentor runs a rigorous click cleaning system that identifies all fraudulent clicks. Fraudulent clicks include but are not limited to those coming from unacceptable countries, clicks coming from blacklisted IP Address, Automated Click Systems, Automated BOTs, clicks associated with known spam traps and multiple clicks coming from the same IP Address. These clicks are removed before commissions are paid and may have an impact on the total commission numbers.”

    2. The second is because some of the members that were on a members second level were not in compliance with the Affiliate Terms and Conditions, which are at the bottom of every page of the website. Namely, the members were not in compliance with numbers 7 of the terms and conditions, because they were not members in good standing with Email Response Pros or an approved Email Sending Company. If a member did not pay for their Email Response Pros account in June, then they are not a member in good standing and thus are in violation of number 7 of the terms.

    In the end, we are looking for, and working with long term partners. We do everything we can to protect ourselves all from potential fraud that could hurt not only our members, but the company as a whole.

    In the past we’ve had people sign up themselves, a friend or an entire group of people, for the free trial period, let their their clicks build up for a week, then never pay, and do it over and over again, which builds the second level clicks of the main person, all of which are fraudulent. The way we combat this and protect all of our members is that if someone joins the trial period and then does not pay for the Email Sending company, then the user is made inactive and all of their clicks are reversed. This keeps the incentive to commit fraud away and is one of the reasons why we are so successful.

    We work hard to make all of our partners successful. Once set up, I think you’ll agree that there is no simpler system anywhere, and thus there is no reason for any one to quit, once they join. So if they decide to leave, during the trial period, then we have no choice but to protect ourselves and our successful members by taking action.

    Hope this helps explain not only what happened but illustrates why it happens and why it has to happen.

    Thanks for your email,

    Kevin Andrews
    Chief Operations Officer

    1. Hi Daryl, really so sorry to hear that after you do so much for this program. Really apperciate you willing to share your expereince and help others to avoid this kind of program. Thanks

  3. Yes it is an absolute scam. I and 3 others get no reponse from company with $400 owed to each…STAY AWAY

  4. COMPLETE SCAM!!!! Never paid me money, and I made more than $400 I made $546, and never got paid. Had to pay $47 for 3 months to even get pass $400. I emailed the company and never got an email back. Waste of money and time!

  5. Hi,

    I was with MyEmailMentor and paid 5 times for that email service and because I didn’t get paid, I asked for a refund from ClickBetter and got the 2 months refund. I am upset with the owner of MEM, he used us to make money. We paid for the autoresponder, his job was to use our account and info to send whatever scam email or whatever he was selling other than clicks. His only investment is, his website and hosting. He didn’t even have a customer support, a greedy man who wants to keep 100% of the profit.
    I searched and checked his MEM website registration and it will expire on November 14, 2015. I called to the site registrar and asked the agent if he can give me the owner name, number and address. The guy said the owner paid for his privacy and he will not give that information unless a government body or police asked him. Well, I searched again for his hosting company and called to the corporate office. I told the agent, this man took so many people’s money and he is hiding, no one knows his real name or phone number, we only know the website and a gmail email address that is not working. Luckily the guy gave me the info. He even said, the MEM owner, Mr. Robert is bothering them and yelling at them saying, he could have get more clicks but the server is always down.

    I think we all should do something about it, otherwise he will still come back with another fake business idea and he will continue to rob/scam people. We have to stop him, he has to get punished for it.

    I did work hard to get his real information. I am posting it here.

    The name of MEM owner, Mr. Robert Jones
    Phone Number: 832-693-6886
    Address: 14090 sm 2920 , suite G529 Tomball, tx. 77377 USA

    His main company and website name is, “Wolf Media Solutions”,
    I checked and the website don’t work, but the guy told me the site used to work before. I think the site is not active.

    The domain registrar for is called, and the hosting company he use is called,
    His web developer name is, Mukesh Jethani

    The hosting agent told me that Mr. Robert has a server and reseller hosting account with them. His MEM website is added on his reseller hosting, but his main company or server name is,

    His site is about to expire on November 21, 2015. Right now the site is not active.

    Anyhow I am not from US, but some of you from US probably know where to sue him. All of us victims will support, if something can be done about it.

    PS.: If you find this number (416) 738-9970 searching MyEmailMentor at Google, the owner of that number is a person like us who joined MEM. I think Mr. Robert put his number to mislead us.


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