Is 76 seconds a scam?

Is 76 Seconds a Scam? – Don’t Waste Your Time

Product Name: 76 Seconds
Owners: Bobby B
Price: Not Stated
Website: (not affiliate links)
Rating: 0/100

Is 76 Seconds a scam?

Every minute or second pass by is something you can’t get back. Even you are the richest person in the world, there no way you can buy them. So time is precious, If you wish to use your time wisely to find the right program for you. I suggest you go straight to my #1 recommend product.

Today we are going through a funny program that claim within 76 seconds, you can make money online. Internet marketer spend months if not years to learn before seeing result. So is 76 Seconds a scam? In my opinion, I feel it is.

How I discover 76 Seconds?

In my previous review of My Email Mentor, I received a few comments that trashing and complain about My Email Mentor. The comment look real at first, but the following comment the author insert a link which is and it’s obvious he is trying to spam. His motive is to get backlinks to both 76 Seconds and My Email Mentor. A very smart move, but I trash the comment and mark as spam.

What is it?

There is nothing to explain on how you are going to make money online. A man by the name Bobby claim within the next hour you will make at least $100. If not, he personally will give you a $100 out of his own pocket. The system is 100% free according to Bobby, he carry on showing you his ClickBank of 4 figure earning daily.

No Email Receive From Bobby

I go ahead to fill in my email to see what in his sleeve, went to another page in 76 seconds countdown timer that the system going to vanish if I don’t act fast. Bobby ask me to check out the email he sends. Guess what? I didn’t receive any email at all even I tried with it with another email account.

Is 76 seconds a scam?



I have enough of these tactics. It used to work in the past, but no longer today. As you can see there are red flags all over this program. So is 76 Seconds a scam? I feel it is a scam.

Bobby uses a countdown timer to lure you into his system. No proper explain on how his system work. After twice, I opt-in my email I still receive nothing.

There is a lot more of such similar kind of products or programs out there. So keep yourself safe online.

Have you try 76 Seconds? Feel free to drop your comment below. Thanks

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