Product Name: Ultimate Goldmine


Owner: ‘Sam One’

Membership fee: $9

Rating: 10/100



There are many marketing products in the internet that not only sells but scams people out of their money. Personally, not many products in the market are legit and you have to depend on your research to find a suitable product or a program.

One of the products that are commonly used as a tool for an online business is ecommerce. If you are into distributing and selling physical products, you should look into ecommerce website. There are also many links to ecommerce site such as Amazon, eBays, etc that you can join. However, if you are looking into building your business, you will need to invest in an ecommerce site builder.

So, in this review, I will share with you the product content which is basically falls into the e-commence niche.

What does Ultimate Goldmine provide? 

Ultimate Goldmine provides programs for users on comprehensive training such as training videos, webinars, marketing strategies, etc on internet marketing. It provides users the tools to equip them with the knowledge on the marketing strategies and engage users in promoting Ultimate Goldmine products which is selling supplements using Private Labeling Rights (PLR).


So what is PLR? Basically, you as a distributor, can re-package or re-brand the product and thereafter sell it under your own name or company. There are lots of PLR supplements on the market, you can do your research in the fitness industries. There are quite a handful of the popular personal trainers that creates their own brand of supplements and sell it to their followers. It is a good business if you have the strong followers behind you but if you are not, it is hard to sell your own supplements.

It is better to seek other alternative than joining Ultimate Goldmine.

When you start on an online business, the most important thing is to be focus and look towards achieving your goals. You will need to have a mindset to persevere and continue to move on when reaching an obstacle. From the introductory video, there are a few red flags that you will need to take note. It is important to know the product you are selling and to market it. Moreover, you will need to know your niche and it is difficult if you are a new in internet marketing.


For me personally, I do not believe in auto-pilot programs unless you are into affiliate marketing. If you are into physical product selling, you will need to sell, pack and ship your product. You will need manual labour and it is quite strange that ‘Sam One’ indicates in his introductory video that it is run on auto-pilot.

Is it worth the shot to buy the Ultimate Goldmine?

From the introductory page, Ultimate Goldmine offers $9 from an initial offer of $27 in YR2014. I guess the product is not that popular now. Based on the website, it offers relatively comprehensive programs which can enable you to have the knowledge on internet marketing.


As I have explained, to sell a product such as supplements is difficult if you do not have experience in internet marketing. You can join Amazon and display your product there, but how do you make it sell. You can see that personal trainers have created a strong foundation of followers and clienteles and thus they can create their own brand of supplements.

Although, you can create your own brand through PLR, you will need a good base of clienteles to buy the product. You will need to do reviews and blogs in order to get consumers to buy your products. So it will be difficult to be honest.


As mentioned, there are other better ways in the internet to learn the trades in internet marketing. Honestly, when you buy this product, you need to be focus on your goals and you will be lost. Without guidance, I don’t think you will make it. As you can see, Ultimate Goldmine only have a couple of followers in the social media and I am sceptical if you can find guidance to further enhance your online business.


It is not rocket science and there are many ways to make your money work for you. All I can say is that you need to find a product that is suited for you and your passion. If you are interested in learning the foundation of building your online business through affiliate marketing, you can read my #1 recommend product or you can leave your name and email for a FREE 5 days Affiliate Marketing course.

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