Is Ewen Chia a Scam?

Is Ewen Chia a Scam – Autopilot Profit is a Waste of Time

Product Name: Autopilot Profit

Product Owner: Ewen Chia

Price: $37 and lots of upsells

Rating: 10/100

Is Ewen Chia a Scam?

I came across a Yahoo article back in 2013 regarding Ewen Chia. Here the article: Click Here

This is how I started learning Internet Marketing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an affiliate of Ewen Chia products. In fact, today I’m telling you to avoid his products for good. Is Ewen Chia a Scam? I feel the products he produce are rather scammy.

What is it?

Ewen Chia promise using his AutoPilot Profit (APP) will see results and a lifestyle just like him. Its actual product is just a few PDF material and video tutorial on how to set up a domain and hosting.

What makes me puzzle is that he mention in his sales page that the system will make an ATM spitting out cash! Where did the cash come from? It is of course the poor fellows who believe in his products that make them money. It turns out to be the other round, he is collecting money not you.

This APP won’t work like the Apps you download to your Smartphone. His in-depth training even more annoying. He shows you how to mass email to your friends with your affiliate promoting his product. He is making himself richer, not you.

Is Ewen Chia a Scam?


· Easy to follow video training


· Over promise product

·Tons of upsells

· Low quality training material

Upsells and more Upsells

There are only a few sections so call the training. The entire membership link to his other products and also other merchants products.

Is Ewen Chia a Scam?


You can’t expect much for the support. There is no interaction with anyone. APP training is something which you can find out for free on the internet.

Can you make money with APP?

I mean it is possible to make money with APP, follow his methods to lure others falling into his trap. Which I believe you won’t do that. It is red flags all over.

What next?

I personally do not like being pulled by the nose to keep buying products. There are many other products launched Ewen Chia which I do not recommend to anyone. It’s really wasting time turning round the circle.

Look at the comparison table with #1 Recoomed Product

How I manage to find my rated number 1 product Wealthy Affiliate all because of Ewen Chia articles on Yahoo. I got to say thanks to Ewen Chia for letting me know what is Affiliate Marketing but no thanks to his product.

Did you buy any of Ewen Chia’s products? Care to share with us your experience. Thank You

2 thoughts on “Is Ewen Chia a Scam – Autopilot Profit is a Waste of Time”

  1. Upsells are not a scam…

    All companies do it including:
    – Virgin Media
    – McDonalds
    – Vistprint
    – Apple
    -Dollar Shave Club
    – Every Rental car company
    – Airlines
    – Hotels
    – Spotify
    – BMW (and every other luxury car company)

    Does this mean they’re all scams?

    I’d love to hear your thoughts (and not what WA tells you to say about this, but you’re real thoughts)

    1. Hi Vanessa, thanks for dropping by and share and thoughts. I do agree upsells doesn’t mean scams but what about upsells after upsells without any value given to the end user.

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