Is Home Profit System a Scam?

Is Home Profit System a Scam? – Risk More Than Profit

There is a lot of buzz about the Home Profit System that made it one of the important online scam sites that I choose to explore and determine whether it is legitimate. In order to answer your question “is Home Profit System a scam?” it is necessary for me to dissect different information about the program that supports my belief that this is a scam. You probably know that there are many get rich quick schemes out there and time and again I have to warm people to invest smart and be more critical about the programs being offered to them.

An overview about the Home Profit System

Is Home Profit System a Scam?

The Home Profit System uses an enticing heading stating that you can possibly make ridiculously a lot of money by simply using its program for only $2.97. Now, that might sound a very small amount to invest to discover the potential of earning more money by just posting web links.

However, there are more serious implications involved by signing up to the Home Profit System which I will discuss below. Once you paid the amount, you have to wait for the trial package or kit. The amount you initially paid at $2.97 mainly covers the shipping and handling of the materials. The moment you received the trial pack, you have three days to cancel before you will be billed at the regular rate of $139.95 as a one-time payment plus maintenance fee of $4.95 that will be billed recurrently to your credit card as a monthly fee for using the system.

What is wrong with the system?

Earning money through link posting is no longer honored by Google as a reliable marketing promotion. Link posting involves the process of posting a marketer’s link where it is possible and the one who posted such link will generate online revenue. This process may sound simple and easy, but it is no longer a viable marketing technique that companies use these days. Thus, the promise of generating income from link posting is an outright lie. In order to evade liability for asking money from the subscribers of the system, they get a packet of information on how to use the Home Profit System in exchange of their money. The so-called free support material however is of no use in generating an online income.

BUT, the most alarming implication about using the Home Profit System is the fact that you will be asked to provide your credit card information and other personal information. Apart from scamming you out of your money for subscribing for the system you will also put your personal and financial information at risk. Reviews about the system revealed that many subscribers were bombarded with unsolicited marketing emails after providing their email address when completing the signing process. The part I find the most alarming is the revelation of the subscriber’s credit card information like the credit card number. Not only are you subscribing for a useless online revenue generating system, you will be scammed out of your credit card information.

Questionable terms and conditions

I also find the Home Profit System a scam considering the many loopholes I discovered from the program. While the system offers a money back guarantee where you can cancel the subscription within three days after testing the trial package, the problem lies on the fact that the trial pack is sent through postal delivery that can take longer than the allowed trial period.

Hence, by the time the package reaches you the trial period has already lapsed and your credit card will start receiving monthly billing for your subscription to the program. This is a clear dirty trick that will make you signup and allow the persons behind the program to milk your money for the monthly subscription fee.

If you try to search the website, there is not much that could provide a solid and clear explanation on what the Home Profit System can actually do for you. There are too many lacking information such as what process is involved when using the system and how it will generate money for you and how you will get paid. You will be required to fill up a form where you will have to provide your credit card information. However, doing so is a careless thing to do because you will be handing over your financial information to strangers thereby exposing it to the risk of scam and the threat of theft of personal information.


If you ask me is home profit system a scam, my answer will be on the affirmative. It is best to stay safe and never attempt to use the system considering the risk of divulging your financial and personal information that can possibly scam you out of your bank account for a product that is useless and will only milk money out of your pocket without anything to gain in return.

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