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Ultimate Home Profits





If you’re looking for profitable online money-making schemes, it is easy to fall for scams because of false promises and very persuasive strategic writing sales pitch. Huge pay-outs, random people featured in business suits and even people living in mansions are just some of the things advertised by these programs.


We’ve already seen numerous online business opportunities. Today, we will take a look at Ultimate Home Profits. It is an online business training course that supposedly holds the secret method that you can use to earn at least $400 a day from the convenience of your home without any skills required.


Product Name: Ultimate Home Profits

Owner: Michelle Robinson

Website: ultimatehomeprofit.com

Type: Internet marketing training with a focus on Amazon

Price: $97 then downsells to $77 and $47




Ultimate Home Profits is a membership training program supposedly owned by Michelle Robinson and advertised by Emily Hudson, where you can learn specific work-at-home opportunities. Hudson claims that she can teach people how they can quit their job and make a massive monthly profit from their own home.


Ultimate Home Profits
Ultimate Home Profits – Scam or Legit?


According to the website, Hudson is her own boss, she is in control of the number of hours she works and when she wants to work. Aside from this, she was able to double her old salary. The landing page of the website provides information on the benefits that comes with the membership fee of $97. If you try to leave the page, the offer will go down to just $47.


If a customer is interested to buy the training program, they will learn how to link post in order to make a significant amount of profit each month at the comfort of their own homes.




Ultimate Home Profits claims that it will teach you how to post links and earn from it. According to them, internet link posting is one of the most in-demand work-at-home opportunities today.


The website describes this as a “job opportunity” where members will be working for search engines and major companies. Members will also be provided with tools that will generate the income for you. All you need is a computer, an internet connection and an hour a day. Basically, everything will be provided for you even the contents of the sales pitch that you will be posting,


Ultimate Home Profits provides information on the following topics:


  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Building an Email List
  • Generating Traffic
  • Ebay
  • Drop Shipping


Ultimate Home Profits
Ultimate Home Profits – False Pretenses





According to Ultimate Home Profits, you will be able to earn at least $379 a day or even more by merely posting links. It also claims that the average pay-out for each link is $15 and you will only need 4 minutes to post. So that’s basically $225 for an hour of work. Doing the math, if you will work an hour a day every day of the week, you will make $ 58, 500 a year from posting links. The website even provides a calculator so that you can see how much you’ll earn.




As stated above, the program will cost you a one-time fee of $97 but it will go down to $47 once you attempt to leave the page.


Ultimate Home Profits offers two upsells. The first is called the “VIP Package” which costs $147. The other one costs $19.95 which is for a personal coaching call. Make sure not to give your number as they will try their very best to get money from you. There had been stories where people lose thousands of dollars from one these “coaching sessions.” They are really persistent in convincing you that you have to pay more to earn more.




There have been countless reports from people who purchased the program and requested for a refund but their request was never acknowledged. The customer support may respond from time to time but they will always come up with excuses after excuses so that you will not get the refund request. This just makes Ultimate Home Profit a company that is not trustworthy.


There is also a hidden monthly fee that’s hard to get rid of. Aside from this, you will get bombarded with calls and emails to upgrade your membership and hire a coach. The training materials even lack relevant information.



Ultimate Home Profits
Ultimate Home Profits – Red Flags




Affiliate marketing is more than just posting links.

The program implies a celebrity endorsement.

Ultimate Home Profits is a rehash of an older work-at-home opportunity.

Link posting is outdated

The customer testimonials contain stock images




Ultimate Home Profits is a program that is hard to believe that’s a legitimate opportunity. It is a product that you should stay away from. Yes, it is true that through affiliate marketing and link posting, one can make a significant amount of profit, but with this program, it’s absolutely not worth the price. The training material they provide has no value, refunds are given randomly and marketers daily harass you. The most important thing to take note is that the company purposefully misleads the opportunity they are offering the members.

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