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Auto Home Profits
Auto Home Profits Review


 Auto Home Profits was created by Shelly Davis and its domain was registered on November 22, 2016. This scam is your typical copy and paste system just like with any other scam out there that have shut down already. This Auto Home Profits is just the latest addition for the same kind of scam.  Scammers usually launch a new site once their old one was exposed to make money off of innocent individuals who are looking for a way to make quick money online.

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These scams are just rebranded but the way it works is just the same, they will promise you a massive income but in reality, they are just the one making money out of you and Auto Home Profits is one of those. This review will provide you with all the information you need about this product.


Product Name: Auto Home Profits

Creator: Shelly Davis

Price: $97 plus upsells




Auto Home ProfitsAuto Home Profits may not be your usual binary scam, but that does not make it less important than the rest. It will simply rip you off of your hard earned money. The website is full of fake promises and testimonials from fake people and claims that they will give access to work –at-home jobs.

The Auto Home Profits system will teach you to make money right at the comforts of your home, but the overall process is very low in quality. The training they provide is obsolete and at times very questionable.

In reality, there are no work-at-home jobs that can provide you with an income of $379 per day without doing any type of hard work. Yes you can make money online but only from legit systems where you can build an online business and investing a lot of your time and effort. Clicking buttons or answering company surveys is not the way to do it though.

The website of Auto Home Profits raises many red flags. The company claims that they have been featured in reputable news sites like CNN, but we all know that is a lie. Aside from this, the website also features fake endorsements and testimonials. The sales page contains many misleading information to make you believe that it is the easiest and simplest system on the market that will provide you with lots of money.



The company provides three phases of trainings. The first phase is consisting of three steps which they claim are the secret methods to wealth and success. The following steps are:

Step 1: Call a coach, where they will provide you with a number to call. It will not be actual coaching; it’s more trying to sell you some products.

Step 2: They will tell you to register with their affiliate programs Clickbetter, JvZoo and Clickbank.

Step 3: They will then recommend a program named Click Drop, a website where you have to buy traffic from individuals via Solo Ads.


Auto Home Profits


The second phase in the training is what they call the Advance Steps comprising of three lessons:

Lesson 1: Create a free blog site

Lesson 2: Sign up to create an email list

Lesson 3: Register to a program which will help in tracking down sales and cloak your affiliate links

The final phase of the training is more useless and out-dated information on video presentations:

  1. Video training on WordPress
  2. Website training methods that are dead-end techniques and obsolete
  3. Facebook training
  4. Ebay profit generator
  5. Affiliate marketing

The videos simply teaches you how to look for products on Clickbank and shows you different ways to search for keywords in order to market the said products and then gives you advice on how to use Google Adwords in order to market affiliate product.



The answer is yes, but the question is will make money like they promise? NO! Auto Home Profits mislead you in many ways on their sales page like earning $15 for each post that will only take a couple of minutes to do. The truth is, there is absolutely no way of guessing how much a link can make for you. It will still boil down to how many people will click those links and will convert into sales. So basically, if no one will buy the product, you’ll end up with nothing. They only make it easy so that you will fall into their scam.



You can definitely make money online from home through different platforms such as drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, etc. But Auto Home Profits is not the product that will deliver the income you’re looking for. Posting links for big companies can really make you money but this company mislead you into believing of how much profit you will make out of it.






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