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PRODUCT NAME: Work At Home Institute

OWNER NAME: Bobbie Robinson


RATING:  0/10


If you are one of those looking for potential income by working from home you will likely get interested about the Work At Home Institute as it provides a bold claim that you can possibly earn a sizeable income and can quit your job. Before you get enticed on offers such as this you should first ask yourself is Work At Home Institute a scam? This is the diligence you need to do before signing up. To help you understand whether it is a good investment to make, here is our Work At Home Institute review to size up its claims and to know whether this is just another bogus site that scams people of their money.

Is Work At Home Institute A Scam?

The bold claim of Work At Home Institute that catches our attention is stating that you can quit your job and earn a sizeable income by using its program. Curious enough we analyze its marketing page and indeed it made a good job of making enticing offers to those looking for a work from home job. The program is introduced by its owner Bobbie Robinson who narrates his rags to riches beginnings. From being a single mother she claims to grow her own opportunities of earning sizeable income by working from home and developed a system or program that successfully made her a wealth of income that she no longer has to work outside her home and only need to spend at least 4 hours a day.

The income opportunity from link posting

It appears that what Robinson refers to as an income work from home opportunity is link posting. She claims that big companies outsource the job of posting links and you get paid a hefty amount for doing so. All you need to do is to log in to your account and you will have access to the links that you will post as copied links. According to its sales page you will likely earn about $5,000 or more in a week. Isn’t this a bold claim? The income potential from link posting within a week time sounds too good to be true. The truth you will not earn by simply posting the links. You earn only each time one clicks on them. And in order to boost your chance of getting people to click those links will require time and effort to increase your organic search for people to find your links and choose to view it over the millions of links available on the internet. To be successful you will probably spend more than 4 hours a day effort.

Media coverage claims

In the video marketing of Work At Home Institute it provides that this work from home opportunity is getting a lot of media coverage and the positions are filling up quickly. Different logos of media entities are even posted under its video but upon close inspection these logos does not bring you to the actual media site that allegedly covers the program. They are actually merely posted logos with no credible links on them. This is a common tactic that scammers use in order to provide some hint that its program is legitimate to unsuspecting targets.



The testimonials about the program are another red flag that gives away the possibility that Work At Home Institute is a scam. It can be noted that all the testimonials are fabricated and presented in order to entice people from signing up on the program. Worse, the customer photos are obviously fakes. They are merely stock photos. Even the photo of Bobbie Robinson is a stock photo.

Geographic availability

Another tactic that the program uses to entice people to sign up immediately is showing the geographic availability of the program. It convinces interested work from home individuals to sign up by creating the fake geographic availability. It is a fake because even if you enter a wrong zip code it will still tell you the program is available in your area just to make you sign up. As you try leaving the sales page you will receive a markdown price of $77 from the original price of $99. As you attempt to leave the price drops down to $47! You will certainly get annoyed when this happens each time you attempt to leave the sales page.


Is Work At Home Institute a scam? It certainly is. All the claims on its website are obviously fabricated and designed to simply entice people to sign up. It is prudent to note that link posting is not a get rich quick venture. If anyone claims that it is, then it is probably a scam. Link posting is a legitimate way of earning by working from home but it is not a sustainable way of earning an income that will make you quit your job as Work At Home Institute claims.


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