Is Extreme Home Paycheck A Scam? -You Should Avoid It



PRODUCT NAME: Extreme Home Paycheck

OWNER NAME: Mick Moore


RATING:  0/10


Finding some legitimate ways of earning money from home and taking home a paycheck from working online is sometimes hard to achieve. But there is a lot of work from home job opportunities that promise the possibility of earning a huge sum of money by doing some tasks such as link posting. One of these job opportunities is offered by Extreme Home Paycheck where earning some hefty earnings by working at home and using its system can be tempting. But before you try out the system you should ask is Extreme Home Paycheck a scam? Here’s what we think.

Is Extreme Home Paycheck A Scam?

You are probably one of those who must have received an email or work from home job opportunity offer from Extreme Home Paycheck. At the onset, this offer will give you some enticing marketing sales pitch about how you can take the chance of earning the extra income for your family by signing up for the company that can provide you extreme income by doing some task.  It can be notable that from its sales page the website content will go on in providing information about the possibility of earning the best income by working at home and using its system. You will see a lot of enticing possibilities of being your own boss, owning your dream car and dream house and enjoying your work at your own pace and time.

What is wrong with Extreme Home Paycheck?

  1. The website

The company is exerting so much effort in marketing how much you can earn and the possibility of living a luxurious lifestyle out of the income that you can derive by using its program or system. However, there is not much information from its sales page on what you will do and how you will earn the income the site is promising. As a matter of fact, it pushes you to register from its main page without even disclosing what kind of jobs you will be earning an income from.

Extreme Home Paycheck turns out to be a link posting job opportunity where you will be required to register and pay a registration fee in order to access its system. This lack of information is quite a tricky way of getting “unsuspecting” people to sign up for something unclear on what to sign up for. All you can find is information about how you will enjoy earning working at home and the benefits that you can enjoy once you start working and earn money online. There is nothing about link posting or what kind of jobs you can potentially get out from the system on its website.

  1. Mick Moore

Mick Moore is apparently the creator/owner of the Extreme Home Paycheck. But it seems this person is a fake since nowhere can you find his identity online for someone who claims to be the brainchild of the program. Legitimate product owners usually disclose their identity in order to make their business more reputable, trustworthy and legitimate, but not this person.



  1. Fake news

There are advertisements found on a site where scammers usually advertise to find their prey. They all point out to Extreme Home Paycheck website. The logos displayed from different news sites allegedly endorsing the system are all fakes. They are only added on the adverts in order to lure potential victims to sign up after seeing the logos that give them the impression that the program is legit.

  1. Unrealistic claims

Extreme Home Paycheck claims that you will earn within 5 minutes from the comfort of your homes when using their system. However, you only earn from link posting once someone clicks on the link. And sometimes you only get paid by cents per click. Moreover, its claim that there are many businesses looking for someone to post links for them is quite misleading. While partially it is true that companies need people to link post for them you will not immediately paid until someone clicks on the link you posted. But with the way Extreme Home Paycheck advertise it makes it sounds like you will be paid per link post regardless. This lack of information on how you will earn is quite tricky.


The verdict on the question is Extreme Home Paycheck a scam? will be affirmative. The company offers nothing more than a link posting scam offer that prey on people who are looking for some opportunities to earn from home. There are a lot of problem areas on how the company presents its product and too many red flags to consider that will make one think it is indeed a scam. Extreme Home Paycheck is something you should avoid if you do not want to waste your money.


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