Is Accelerated Income A Scam

Is Accelerated Income A Scam? – Avoid Getting Crash

Is Accelerated Income A Scam


PRODUCT NAME: Accelerated Income

OWNER NAME: Susan Whitmore


RATING:  1/10


People get easily hooked with scams offering them the quickest way to earn money. One tactic used by scammers is offering you the best system, product or service that will help you earn promising amount of money with the less effort and within the shortest period of time. If you come across offers like this you should be mindful of checking out whether it is a legitimate business or not. One product that offers this sort of a promising earning is the Accelerated Income. Its sales pitch sounds appealing but before you move forward to signing up it is always best to ask is Accelerated Income a scam? It is about time scrutinizing this affiliate marketing scheme on whether it is a legit income generating opportunity.


Accelerated Income Review


Accelerated Income offers an affiliate marketing program that provides you an opportunity to earn at least $379 a day with the less effort needed and spending only 60 minutes of your time every day. While the program makes it sounds like an affiliate marketing business, what it actually offers you is something like link posting. What you need to do is to post a link that the program provides for you and once other people will click on it and make a purchase you earn a commission. The program will teach you where to post these links. It includes various social media sites like Facebook, blog sites, forums and even sending them out through emails. As much as they want to make it sounds like you are doing affiliate marketing tasks, this type of marketing (link posting) is a spammy style system.


Taking into account that you are being taught by the program to submit the links almost anywhere with the hope that someone will click on it, you are likely to be tagged as a spammer by Google and you will start annoying people for this kind of unsolicited, spammy tactic. It takes $27 to join in the program where you will be given some tutorials on how to learn the strategies on link posting. The program is created by someone named Susan Whitmore who happens to be a fake. Apparently, there are a lot of trickeries used in the sales page in order to lure people to sign up for the Accelerated Income. Aside from the fake personality behind the program the sales page also display the logos of some television networks in an attempt to give the ad viewer some hint of legitimacy on its business. Just because it is there does not necessarily mean that the said television networks promote the program. In fact there is no link at all to show proof that these TV networks do promote or featured Accelerated Income.


As expected the testimonials are likewise fakes. The photos displayed are merely stock or paid photos and the persons whose pictures appear are also found in other scam sites. There are also good indications that the Accelerated Income might be the same program that were tagged as scams in the past such as Online Jobs Now, Home Jobs Today, Secure Job Position and Home Job Position.




Accelerated Income offers a cheap fee for the subscription of its program but I doubt if it can provide sustained income opportunity. Link posting can help you earn but the process involves will result in spamming which will make it difficult for you to maintain the task since there is a risk for you to be banned by Google or end up offending people you spam with links.




Link posting is something that will not provide you a decent source of income. Not to mention the fact that it is not sustainable the process involved itself is something undesirable and does not work as a promising affiliate marketing approach. The process is no less than link spamming and no company will pay you to do this that will be detrimental to its reputation. Moreover, the sales pitch of Accelerated Income makes it sounds like you will get a job from using its system but as a fact you will end up paying for this job without a good return of investment.

Is Accelerated Income A Scam


Who is Accelerated Income For?


The Accelerated Income program is not for anyone considering the lack of substance that will qualify it as a good source of income.


Accelerated Income Tools & Training


The program does offer training which consists of a guide on affiliate marketing basics. However, the information provided are too shallow to help one fully understand what affiliate marketing is all about.


Accelerated Income Support


Aside from the very simple guide about affiliate marketing you will not get much support from the program.


My Final Opinion of Accelerated Income


If you ask is Accelerated Income a scam? there is a chance that it is. There is not much substance on their income generation offer and the process they teach you on link posting is not sustainable for a decent earning. Considering the many red flags involving the program you are most likely to get crashed once you use its system.


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