Is Home Cash Code A Scam

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Link posting scams are proliferating these days and one of them is the Home Cash Code. Many will probably wonder and ask is home cash code a scam? especially when it is apparently being indorsed by Donald Trump. Before you get easily fooled by this earn quick cash from home scheme there are things you need to know before signing up for the system. We tried to dig deeper into the legitimacy of the Home Cash Code system and here are what we found out.

Is Home Cash Code a Scam? – Shady Names Exposed

After doing research and collecting different reviews about the site it is apparent that the Home Cash Code is a link posting scheme with many names. It will provide very enticing figures that will entice you to sign up for the system so you can start working and earn from home. There are many duplicate sites for the same product that the Home Cash Code is offering. There is the Social Media Profit System that offers work from home income scheme where you will be asked to click on a link that will direct you to the site called Fast Cash From Home. Upon exploring the site, you can find at the bottom of the page a disclosure talk where you will be referred to the Home Cash System if you watch the video. The difference is when you get to this page through the link you will only be offered to sign up for $4.97. I will not be surprised, however, if you will be offered more up sells the moment you give your credit card information upon signing up. What is quite disturbing is why the need to introduce different names for the same product? What is there to hide?

Tricky marketing schemes

Another disturbing fact about the Home Cash Code is the way it is being marketed to the public. People are likely to encounter the system upon landing on a Fox News site featuring Donald Trump vouching for the system as a means of tripling income by working from home. However, none of these claims should be taken as legitimate. For a keen observer it is very apparent that the site is a fake and the system is not being endorsed or vouched for by Donald Trump. Just by evaluating the site more thoroughly noticeable is the remarks printed at the bottom of the article that the statement has not been evaluated by Trump nor is he endorsing the same. Moreover, the use of the site is also declared to be used only for entertainment purposes and not relating to Fox News. Now, this is a tricky scheme that the Home Cash Code uses to attract attention to its product. The bottom line here is that the system is not being endorsed and not affiliated in any way to Donald Trump and Fox News. But it is apparent that using this as a headline on the site is a way of tricking people in signing up for the system. This fact alone shows that the Home Cash Code may be untrustworthy with questionable credibility.

Another tricky scheme employed by the Home Cash Code is the limited opportunity available as shown by the countdown timer that will encourage you to sign up now because of the limited slots available. The truth of the matter is you will see there are only 3 positions left that seem to never change for quite some time. Moreover, as you try to leave the page you will be directed to a page showing you a link which upon clicking will give you an offer of $20 discount from the original price of $97.  If you still don’t want to sign up and try leaving the page you will again be redirected to a page offering a final discount of $50 that cuts the price down to $47 only.

Undisclosed Information

Many are not in the habit or reading the disclaimer pages of a company website. This is a big mistake because you will miss out very crucial information that the Home Cash Code does not disclose to their subscribers from their main page. Apparently, the fee you pay is only a membership fee with the license being good only for six months. This information was not actually brought up in the home page of the site at all. By keeping this important information you will not be able to decide whether signing up will be a good investment good for a limited period of time to use only.


So, is home cash code a scam? It probably is, considering the way they run their business and how they market it. Moreover, their income scheme is not supported by a reliable system that is proven to work while the use of their product is not worth the investment you make for it considering there are other legitimate ways of earning from affiliate marketing without the need of deception and tricky schemes.

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