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Digital Product Blueprint: Is It Worth $2000?

Product Name: Digital Product Blueprint


Owner: Eben Pagan

Overall Ranking: 55 out of 100

Digital Product Blueprint Overview

digital product blueprint

A lot of people today are looking to earn a good amount of money online. Whether it is a digital product or actual goods that you want to sell in the World Wide Web, for a lot of people, they simply don’t know where to start. Marketing the product is a complicated process that involves extensive knowledge of online marketing.

That’s where Digital Product Blueprint enters the picture. You get 12 blueprint tools and exercises on how you can build a hype on a product that you want to sell online. But before anything else, who is Eben Pagan? He’s the guy who started the Digital Product Blueprint. According to him, he’s been able to sell ten other digital products online and even showed him shaking hands with the likes of Tony Robbins.

Does Digital Product Blueprint sound convincing enough? This course includes six modules that teach you how to basics of finding your niche to launching your product and even how to maximize email marketing. Yes, it is a course designed for both novice and intermediate marketers who want to up their game in selling their product.

The Good

  • Filled with highly educational information
  • Easy to follow information that beginners can enjoy

The Bad

  • Filled with promises
  • Started by a guy with a shady reputation
  • Has the tendency to send spammy information via email

Who Benefits from Digital Product Blueprint

People who are planning to launch a product online can benefit from this. It is also meant for novice online marketers. If you’ve been around online marketing for quite some time, you may find this product to be a bit boring. You will also notice that his videos usually contain 95% marketing and just 0% to 5%.

Digital Product Blueprint Tools and Training

Digital product blueprint

There are six modules found in the Digital Product Blueprint. Each module aims to educate its customers on how to find success in the digital world when they opt to launch their product.

Module 1: Orientation

The first module gives users an overview of what to expect from the Digital Product Blueprint. Eben Pagan even mentioned of sharing important “mindset” in order to succeed and have “fun” during the entire program.

Module 2: Targeting Your Niche

For the second module, it teaches customers on how to find the “sweet spot” where the product can “sell itself”. It also teaches how to become a market leader in that said niche.

Module 3: Creating Your Product

For this particular module, Eben Pagan teaches you on how you can create a product that is better than the rest of competition. This will allow you to take control of the price. This module will also give you the ability to come up with the right name for your product in order to entice more people to become interested.

Module 4: Building Your Marketing

According to their website, you don’t have to rely on any unethical sales tactics after finishing this course. The module contains proven marketing templates that you can use in promoting your product. It also teaches you on how you can make use of your own story to make your product sell.

Module 5: Launching Your Product

In this module, Digital Product Blueprint teaches how to generate traffic in a launch. It also teaches you how to get partners and get them to say yes to promote your product.

Module 6: Email Mastery

As for the last module, it simply teaches you how you can maximize the use of email marketing. You will be given high converting templates. It also provides simple copywriting tricks that you can use in order to make an email copy fast.

Digital Product Blueprint Support

digital product blueprint

Digital Product Blueprint doesn’t have anything about support on their website. Does it mean that after paying for the entire module, you are actually left fending to figure things out on your own? Most likely, this is the case. It looks like Eben Pagan is simply after your money after teaching few generic strategies that online marketers have used over the years.

Digital Product Blueprint Price

So how much is the Digital Product Blueprint? You will have to pay a whopping $1997 for the entire course. Well, to make you feel better, you can still pay 6 payments of $397. Yes, we are not kidding you.

But don’t worry! You have a couple of freebies that comes with this product. For instance, you are going to receive the Digital Product Blueprint Coaching classes worth $4997 for free. You will also be getting Wake Up Productive that costs $497 for free. And of course, you also get some Tech Tools Training for free.

Final Opinion on Digital Product Blueprint

Is this product a good deal? In reality, if you are simply after free education, might as well try the free webinar that is offered by Eben Pagan. But if you are looking to invest in some sort of digital marketing education, you might want to pass on Eben Pagan’s Digital Product Blueprint. And why?

For starters, the price is simply outrageous. Are you really going to pay $2000 simply because he has a video shaking of him hands with the likes of Tony Robbins? If you will look at the modules, you can simply learn all of these things just by going online and watching YouTube videos.

Next, he has a lot of promises. From “living the dream” to helping kids in Africa, these things are simply too good to be true. In fact, there is a great write up about Eben Pagan on how he used lies on his product. Are you going to trust a guy like this?

Also, keep in mind that online marketing is a great tool in promoting a particular product. However, it can never guarantee you anything. In order to win customers, it is important that you still offer something that is really needed by your market. And with what Eben Pagan is doing, he simply hypes the importance of his digital marketing system in giving you success.

On a final note, though you can learn a lot from the modules that he is going to give you, it is simply not worth $2000. You may even get a similar, if not, a better product for $5.

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