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VA Talks



Despite being relatively new in this area, VA Talks supplies numerous services as others in the field. The list of services they provide are bookkeeping, administrative services and digital marketing services such as SEO to name a few. The main strength of the company is software development comprising of a good team of competent developers in their assistant’s pool.


VA Talks’ plans start at 10 hours and become cheaper the more hours you purchase, but you cannot carry over any un-used hours.




Almost everyone wants an assistant. It is important for any working professionals who have many management duties and responsibilities. However, with the economy plummeting, people who can afford to hire assistants are decreasing.


VA Talks


Nowadays, professionals and businessmen are leaning towards VA or virtual assistant more and more to help them in handling their workloads. Most VA can assist you a wide range of tasks such as tracking your expenses, assisting with your SEO needs or even order your lunch. It will depend on which service you will choose. One of the biggest advantages of a VA is that the cost is merely a fraction of what you would pay an on-site assistant.




VA Talks


Located in a secure office in Kolkota, India, VA Talks is a professional virtual assistant with 24/7 support. The company was founded in 2015 by two virtual assistants who are veterans on the field who have decided to start their own firm.


The company has a group of Virtual Assistants committed to aid you in your daily tasks. VA Talks’ goal is to make sure companies are able to finish their most important tasks. It can vary greatly from booking your doctor’s appointment to reserving a table at a restaurant or to any administrative related tasks to business related jobs like presentations, extensive research, marketing, web development, etc. Simply put, VA Talks will take care of your business just the way you would have if you have all the time in your hands.




VA talks hire virtual assistants with diverse skills that can deliver just about any takes you have online. Skilful VAs are always ready to help you, whether you need administrative tasks, web design, SEO and even bookkeeping services. Aside from this, there are also clients who hire the team to help them in designing apps for mobiles and construct presentations and proposals.


According to VA Talks’ CEO and co-founder Sam Gupta, one of their most in demand virtual assistants are those who are skilled in WordPress, Joomla and many toher wed development platforms. He also stated that their main focus is their web team, but they do have VAs capable of helping just about any type of company or individual.


VA Talks



Below is a list of the services VA Talks are offering:


Virtual Assistance – Capable VAs will help you with your daily admin related tasks making sure you meet your deadlines and stay on top of your to-do lists and


Web Development – Their web team will help put your vision into reality by creating interactive, minimalistic and rich textured websites and applications that has a touch of your personality.


Process Outsourcing – Aside from providing budget-friendly outsourcing, VA talks also lets you obtain experience and talented resources who are fast to learn and adjust to the changing economy.


Content Writing – The team provides unique and high-quality content packed with ample use of relevant keywords for your blog or website with search engine optimization.


Social Media – The company has a team consisting of VAs who are suitable for social media and digital marketing who can assure you with remarkable ROI, increased brand presence and loyalty and effective social media marketing which can do wonders for your business.




VA Talks price ranges from $120 per month for 10 hours to $840 per month for 120 hours. If you purchase a larger plan, the hourly rate will decrease to $5 per hour for a full-time dedicated VA.


VA Talks


However, as mentioned earlier, un-used hours will not be carried over to the next month so make sure you only purchase a plan that will suit your needs.


The company also offers a service called Pay As You Use Plan for just $14 per hour if you need a service for under 10 hours. Each plan comes with a 2-hour free trial to test their service except for the Pay As You Use Plan.





  • Low cost
  • The work gets done in your sleep
  • 2-day free trial
  • Some services offer you an entire team of assistants



  • You get what you pay for
  • Staying in contact can be tricky
  • It’s hard to track who’s accountable for your needs at any given time


There are numerous things to consider when opting hiring a virtual assistant to do the work for you. Ultimately, you and yourself only can decide if this type of service is worth it.

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