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Product: SEO services

Price: Free to join

Owner: Jordan Delozier


SEO or Search Engine Optimization companies and services is everywhere these days because of the popularity of search engines. Majority of business companies use search engines to make their presence known online. However, a quality SEO service comes with big price tag and can hurt an individual’s budget. As online marketers, we usually look for SEO tools which provide good outcome and budget-friendly.

SEO Clerks is a company that offers website services at a very low cost. In this review, we will try to determine if its services could be an advantage to your website and if it is a good way to earn money online.


Company Background

SEO Clerks was founded in 2011 and by Jordan Delozier, who also owns the company. It aims to provide a marketplace where people could purchase SEO services. The idea is to build a safe and secure platform for buyers where their money was kept by a third party until they are satisfied with their orders.

To date, the company is still owned by Delozier but it was transferred to Ionicware which has Listing Dock, Code Clerks, Webmaster Query and Freelance Forums companies under its belt. This group of companies are either platforms for queries about micro jobs or marketplaces for small businesses. Today, the group boasts of about 500, 000 members and over 370, 000 advertised services.

SEO Clerks - Budget SEO service


What is SEO Clerks?


SEO Clerks is basically a website which acts as marketplace for affordable SEO services. The services include buying and selling of all types of freelance SEO services which can help websites achieve higher rankings on Google and other search engines. It is focused on but not purely limited on SEO, Social Media and Traffic Generation.

It is also a platform for freelancers offering a service to customers who are looking for affordable SEO or other service associated with their websites.


Who is it For?


SEO Clerks is for everyone who wants to propose a service in order to earn money. The seller can charge whatever amount he wants, there is no limit, and there is a wide array of micro jobs you can propose. The service is also for anyone who wants to improve some SEO elements in their website or outsource some of their tasks.

As mentioned above, any service related to a website if obtainable. Here are a few available services:

  • Article writing
  • Translating
  • Link building thru blog commenting, forum postings and signatures
  • Article and directory submission
  • Guest blog posting
  • Data entry
  • Buying and selling traffics
  • Social media promotion and marketing
  • Sponsored tweets
  • Web hosting
  • Blog reviews


How does it Work?


How to Create a New Service – SELLERS

You can choose from list of categories below if you want to set up a new offer:

  • Sell a service
  • Sell an article
  • Sell tweets
  • Sell blog reviews
  • Sell an eBook
  • Sell software
  • Sell a theme

If you can’t come up with any service to sell, you can also bid on WTB or Want To Buy post. This section accommodates people looking for someone to perform a custom task and is open to bid which are either accepted or refused.

Your buyer can rate your finished service once you have delivered it, so make sure to always provide good quality work and deliver on time. If for some reason, you failed to deliver on time and communicate with the buyer, they have the freedom to cancel their order. All disputes should be resolved between the buyer and seller where it is possible. Contact the SEO Clerks support when no agreement is reached. You as a service provider, can also rate the buyer.

The buyer pays the agreed price once a service is ordered, and it is kept by SEO Clerks. The seller will only get paid after his work is accepted by the buyer. The company charges a 20% commission on all successful transactions.

SEO Clerks - seller

Finding a Service – BUYERS

Buyers can find a service in a category or sub-category that interests them. If you can’t find the service you are looking for, you can post it in the WTB section to get multiple bids for your demand. Another ways is through the Want To Trade section where you can trade a service in return of one offered by others.

Communicating with the seller is through email or in an instant chat system. You can find this in the management panel, where you can also manage your orders, post reviews and accept or refuse a completed work.

Mode of payment includes PayPal, Payza and Bitcoins.

SEO Clerks - buyer


Different Type of Levels


There are six kinds of level for members. When you accomplished a certain number of services, affiliate sales of purchases, you will move a level. Below is a brief summary of these levels:

  • Level 1: where everyone starts
  • Level 2: with 10 orders, purchase or affiliate sales completed on time with 90% satisfactory rating or higher
  • Level 3: with 25 orders, purchase or affiliate sales completed on time with 90% satisfactory rating or higher
  • Level 4: must be an affiliate with 100 orders or purchase completed on time with 95% satisfactory rating or higher and 50 completed affiliate sales
  • Level 5: must be an affiliate with 250 orders or purchase completed on time with 97% satisfactory rating or higher and 100 completed affiliate sales
  • Level X: a level especially selected SEO Clerks staff and must be an affiliate and reached at least in level 3 or above


Affiliate Program


Becoming an affiliate is also a way to make money with SEO Clerks. You can refer someone to the site and earn a 10% commission from their purchase each time they buy a service from the site.

SEO Clerks - affiliate


Pros and Cons



  • Free to join
  • Serviecs start at $1
  • You can sell or buy anything relating to a website
  • You can easily see the ratings, orders in progress, expected delivery, etc of the sellers or buyers


  • Many scammers
  • Services that are not recommended – buying backlinks, Facebook likes, comments, etc
  • Quality services can be expensive
  • Finding consistent quality might be a problem

The idea of SEO Clerks is a good one and it seems like a legitimate site. But, there are also some cautions you need to take into consideration. Without a doubt, there are numerous sellers who provide amazing services. However, there are a number of freelancers who are there to simply scam the buyers. Also, another problem for the sellers is that some buyers are cancelling their payment after getting their order.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that a few of the services being sold are not endorsed by Google such as buying links, buying Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

If you do decide to use SEO Clerks services, it is important to carefully choose the seller and do not order services that are considered as black hat. If you’re using the site to make a profit, you have to work hard to climb the various levels to achieve a good reputation and credibility. There are people who seem to be making a profit with this program, they are the ones who delivers on time and give worthy services.

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  1. It’s a very big scam site. Once u earned they won’t release the payment. They simply banned and ur account will be closed. Earned money will go to their pocket. Ultra Modern Cheaters. Going to escalate to PayPal

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