The Obsession Formula Review

Is The Obsession Formula a Scam? – Can This Formula Really Works?

PRODUCT NAME: The Obsession Formula

OWNER NAME: Adam Lyons


RATING:  8/10

The Obsession Formula Review

Have you been waiting to get the woman of your dream attracted to you too? Men are often dumbfounded when it comes to pursuing the woman they love or keeping the ones they have but lost. Sometimes, all a man needs is a little help from the expert. That is why we make this The Obsession Formula review in order to help men determine whether purchasing the program is a worth investment to make. You will always initially ask is The Obsession Formula a scam? Here’s what we found out about the program that will help you identify whether this is worth trying to discover which formula really works for your relationship.

The Obsession Formula Review

The Obsession Formula is the work of dating and relationship guru Adam Lyons.  Its main objective is to help men discover the reality about obsession and how this can be used in relationships in the practical sense. Adam is a psychological expert who aims to help men learn about managing their emotions and learning the art of making the woman they love become obsessed with them.

Men often find it a big challenge to win the heart of the woman they like or love. By applying the science of psychology in understanding the nature of what a person needs to survive, Lyon provides techniques and effective methods to make a woman find the reason why you are the key to her survival. Lyon taps on the part of the brain that is involved in obsession and how to trigger the chemical dopamine that will make a woman obsessed with you.

Men will have access to the formula on obsession with video trainings discussing the theories on obsession and its practical application in relationships. As you watch the video you will find introduction that explains the theory about obsession and its practical application to dating and relationship. You will find more freedom that liberates you from the fear of losing someone you love since you will learn methods on how to make a girl obsessed with you and you alone.  One of the things that the Obsession Formula helps you is how to use the dopamine in order to make become a socialized person who can easily attract women and make them obsessed with you.

What Is The Obsession Formula?

The Obsession Formula is a training video that serves as a relationship and dating guide. It is actually a version of the Ex Recovery System but the main target of the Obsession Formula is to discuss about how to make a woman obsessed with you. The videos are helpful in learning how to cope with breakups and making a relationship work. The videos have 4 parts which are split into different topics. The first part is about understanding why relationships fall apart and to learn about the main causes of a failed relationship.

The second part is about getting your emotions in order that helps you how to deal with the feelings of misery and pain. The third part is learning how to build a plan in order to win back your ex or make a woman obsessed with you. The methods taught in the video are highly flexible that allows you to customize or choose which method will be most suited under your circumstances. The fourth part is taking action and set your goals in motion. This is a very important part since you will learn how to make your partner commit to your relationship.


The Pros

The Obsession Formula is a very practical system to learn about dating and relationships. There are helpful materials that you can use such as quizzes and tests that allow you to evaluate your own feelings and discover your emotional condition at the same time. You can keep track of your progress. The program is also offered with a money back guarantee which is a good offer that allows you to take back your money in case you are not satisfied with it.

The Cons

The Obsession Formula will likely to have a different result on different situations so you need to know which method on dating will most likely work for you.


The Obsession Formula is a good system to use by individuals who are about to break up in their relationship or wanting to find the lasting love from someone. The program provides helpful methods on how to manage your emotion and handle relationships in a way that will keep the relationship going with an obsessed partner who will want to keep you. You can use the program as a guide in your dating activities and relationship.  With its money back guarantee there is nothing you can lose by trying out the program.

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