Is Kissing Magic A Scam? – Will The Magic Work?



PRODUCT NAME: Kissing Magic

OWNER NAME: Michael Fiore


RATING:  6/10


Kissing can be a magical way of making a man fall in love with you. There are different ways of making the man of your life love you and want you for good and Michael Fiore will teach women out there the magic potion of a kiss in his Kissing Magic program. If you are interested about making the love of your life want you, then you might consider reading this book. For the skeptics who might be asking is Kissing Magic a scam? here is what you need to know about the magic formula of Fiore’s program.

Is Kissing Magic A Scam?

The Kissing Magic program is a book authored by Michael Fiore in order to teach women how to make a man fall in love with them by just a kiss. Now there is no real magic here but the book drives out different ways by which a woman can hook a man and make him succumb to her and wanting her for good in his life.

Fiore formulated the Kiss Magnet Method which will teach the formula of attracting men and over powering them by your lips. There is a sense of reaching out to his soul, body and thoughts when you follow the kissing method that is being taught in the book.

What Fiore promises is giving women the hope that there is a way of connecting with the man they want and can even possibly make him on their first date fantasize over her to have a second date and subsequent ones. The method is focused on the flames that will extract a man’s sentiments and hunger for a woman’s attention. The book claims that it will help women re-stir the enthusiasm of the man she love and make him crave for more of her attention and love.

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Why you need the Kissing Magic Program

The Kissing Magic program is ideal for women who are new in a relationship or those who are already in an existing relationship but do not know how to keep their man interested on her for the long term. It is useful for make a relationship happy with long lasting inclination of a man to be with his partner. You get some useful advice and guide from a relationship expert who authored the book.

There are also beneficial outcomes from using the Kissing Methods as it helps women overcome their depression and feeling of rejection. By learning how to kiss confidently it helps boost a woman’s pride of herself while gaining more motivation on learning how to get the attention of the man of their life.



What to expect from the Kissing Magic Method

The book contains different topics that are helpful in understanding relationship and bodily gestures of men. By using the methods taught by the Kissing Magic Method women will learn how to get the attention of the man of her life without demanding for it.

The style of kissing being taught in the program will help you create passion and electricity that will bind your man to you the moment your lips gazed with each other. You will also learn how to make your man crave more of you as you make him feel being on top of the world once you kiss.

You will also learn the psychology behind kissing and make you understand what men actually think about a kiss. A unique method of kissing called Monogamy Kiss will also make your man want you before he leaves on a trip and will make him feel ill with the idea of kissing another woman. The reader of the book will also understand why men are sometimes nervous about kissing and how you can make him feel at ease with you. You can also make a man focused on you and less distracted by using the Kissing Meditation method and other exciting ways to kiss a man.

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The Pros

The Kissing Magic program is priced only at $37 and it comes with videos and reading materials. It also offers 60-day money back guarantee so you have the opportunity to try out the kissing methods taught in the book or get a refund of your money if it doesn’t work for you. There are also bonuses that come in three packages namely the books on Magnetic Lips, When to Sleep With A Man and Relationship Time Machine that are worth $290 in all.

The Cons

The Kissing Magic program may not be suited to conservative women who may feel uncomfortable about doing the kissing styles and methods introduced by Fiore in his book.


The Kissing Magic program is no magic at all. But it does wonders to women who desire to keep their man focused and hooked to them by giving them passionate kissing styles that will bind them in the relationship. Is Kissing Magic a scam? It is not. You get value for your money where you get helpful materials in exchange. Whether the methods taught by the author of the book works will depend on how you execute the instructions from the materials.

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  1. I bought a Fiore product and didn’t get special price promoted and got billed for more than I ordered. Won’t refund. Say I have to go through Clickbank woes system is circular and you never get a response. Second request to Fiore and still no refund. BEWARE The refund policy is meaningless.

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