Is My Home Success Plan a Scam

Is My Home Success Plan a Scam?- Avoid It Or Not?

Is My Home Success Plan a Scam


PRODUCT NAME: My Home Success Plan

OWNER: Kelly Simmons

RATING:  1/10


The advent of the internet opened many opportunities to find work from home jobs. Unfortunately it was also taken advantage by many unscrupulous people who run shady businesses on the internet to scam people out of their money. Enticing sales pitch like earning at least $500 a day by trying out their program was able to prey on people who are searching for the easiest way to earn money from home like the My Home Success Plan does when promoting its work from home jobs.  Before you try out this program you should be asking is My Home Success Plan a scam to know whether it is worth trying out or not.


My Home Success Plan Review


My Home Success Plan offers a system that claims to help you earn money by simply working at home and spending just a short time working online every day. Its sales videos will tell you that it is possible to earn $500 a day by using its system. Its sales marketing strategy actually focuses on the fortune that you can actually earn by working at home. This income stream will certainly disappoint you because such claim is unrealistic and My Home Success Plan definitely promises something it cannot deliver. Here’s why.


What is My Home Success Plan?


My Home Success Plan actually offers a link posting job. If you are not familiar about link posting, it involves posting links on various sites to promote something and make people try to click on the link which will take them to a different site where they will be prompted to buy or register for a product or service. You get to earn commissions out of every successful sign up or purchase. My Home Success Plan makes it look like you will earn for every link posted but this is not the case in reality. You only get paid for every successful sign up which means people simply clicking on your links without actually making any purchase or sign up will not earn you anything. Even if companies are willing to pay for every link posted the pay involves $0.001 to $0.010 per click. This will not earn you as much as what My Home Success Plan claims.


This alone makes My Home Success Plan untrustworthy because of its false claims. But there’s more about the program that give the hints that it is a scam. Here’s why:


  1. Rebranding the Product


The marketing tactics used by My Home Success Plan are a lot similar to other scam products out there. They usually offer unrealistic claims on the possible income one can earn from using their system just to entice people to sign up. These “too good to be true” claims have worked on many people desperate of finding the easiest way to earn money from home. Once they receive complains online they simply shut down and rebrand their product and use another brand or name to scam people again.


Is My Home Success Plan a Scam


  1. Fake testimonials


Testimonials have been used by many companies in order to make their claims believable. Legit companies usually present real customers who give their experience about the product. But My Home Success Plan, as much as it wants to fool people from believing how good their system is, failed to convince me about the legitimacy of the testimonials on their sales page. The people who apparently give their testimony are fake or their photos taken from Stock images.


  1. Manipulative and tricky sales video about working from home


My Home Success Plan also uses a sales video promoting success from its work from home jobs. However, it is obvious that the video is edited and clips from various work from home videos were put together in order to give the impression that it is referring to its system and how it works for many people. In truth these videos talks about work from home success generally and not really referring to My Home Success Plan specifically. This makes the sales video very tricky in making you believe its program really works.


  1. False claims


My Home Success Plan claims that link posting will earn you decently but in reality it is not a reliable way to earn money. There is an imbalance between the demand and supply and many companies no longer use link posting as an effective way of marketing their products and services. No company is willing to pay $20 per link posted.


My Final Opinion of My Home Success Plan


My answer if you ask is My Home Success Plan a scam is a yes. This is because although you can actually earn from its work from home job through link posting their claims are certainly tricky and manipulative which makes it untrustworthy and not even worth trying out.


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