Is Hire My Mom a Scam?

Is Hire My Mom a Scam?


We all know how great moms are. Veratile woman out there, they are able to balance home and work life. 

It is never easy task for them to take care of their husband, kids, housework and job. And this post we looking at a website name Hire My Mom. 

I am always looking out for products like this to find out are they scams. From my finding it doesn’t seem to look like one and is a pretty good one. 

Hire My Mom Review Summary

Product Name:  Hire My Mom

Owner: Lesley Pyle

Product Type:  Virtual Assistant 

Price: $17.99, $29.99 or $99

Target For: Stay at home mom

Summary: HMM is a website linking up with stay at home working mom with experience, skill and expertise to business client that need their service

Product Score
Product Score
Total 80%

Recommended:  Yes

What is Hire My Mom?

Sign up to their website and you will get access to look for the right client. All jobs or projects have different rates of payment by the individual company or client. In short you are going to apply a job as a virtual assistant.

What You Need to Have?

Your basic requirement you need to be a virtual assistant 

  • A minimum of 1-2 years of experience in your area of expertise (such as: administrative, research, writing, graphic design, editing, accounting, web design, customer service, virtual assisting, coaching, sales, marketing, public relations, bookkeeping, legal, desktop publishing, creative arts, medical billing, ecommerce, strategic planning, database development, payroll, human resources, etc.)
  • A commitment to professionalism and a dedication to excellence
  • Dependability and reliability to meet deadlines and deliver your best
  • High level of honesty and integrity
  • Excellent customer service


HMM is helpful, looking out for jobs and projects for stay at home mom. This is a great opportunity to work from home but there a cost to pay. As this is how their website can monetize. 

  1. $9.99 silver one week trial
  2. $29.99 for every 2 month service Gold mom membership
  3. $99 for every 6 month Platinum mom professional membership

There are 2 things you need to take note. The good thing is when you land a job or found an emplyer. You can keep whatever they agree to pay you. HMM will not take any commission from you but they will not involve any unforeseen problem if you have with your virtual boss. So any payment issue you will need to sort out yourself. 


So is Hire My Mom a Scam? In my opinion, it is not a scam. They stated clearly on what kind of skull set you need to have. The membership price is crystal clear.

So should you sign up HMM? Yes, I do recommend ti give it a try if you are looking for a legit job. 

Scam Vigilante

Scam Vigilante

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Hire My Mom









  • Legit Job Opportunity
  • Affordable Price
  • Support


  • No Support After Hiring

2 thoughts on “Is Hire My Mom a Scam?”

  1. Stephanie Enciso

    Hire my Mom is a legitimate website linking professional with stay at home moms. I can not say enough about how much I appreciate this website and what it has provided me with over the last 7 months. Highly recommend!

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