Is Payjob XYZ a Scam?

Is Payjob XYZ a Scam? – It’s Obvious a Waste of Time

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Is Payjob XYZ a Scam?

There are online jobs that pay you real money for your skill and service. It’s not too difficult to look for them. Online business owners, entrepreneurs and companies need virtual assistants to do the admin work for them. It all depend on what you can offer. Which this opens up to opportunity for scams to target those who seeking for easy money without much work.

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I come across hundreds of funny websites that promise you can touch the moon without taking the rocket to make money online. Here a more recent site really raises my eyebrow and let expose together is Payjob XYZ a scam?

What is Payjob XYZ?

First of all the website link is, the link itself seem weird enough for you to figure out what to expect next. There is no job available like the title itself. Simple to make you understand the whole system work is to share your affiliate link to someone else to sign up.

Once you sign up, you instantly earn a $25 which too good to be true. Your next move is to copy the affiliate link and start sharing on social media like Facebook, Twitter and other platform.

Pro Vs Con

There is nothing to list down on the Pro and Con. It is obviously a waste of your time to do what the website asks you to do.

Just a few steps you can able to know how disappointed you are that there nothing about I’m not here to bash this website for the sake of it. To make you excited about $25 sign up reward it really a joke. Why is it so? Within the website, there no any information for you to fill in on how to get paid.

Is Payjob XYZ a Scam?

Payjob XYZ is not alone, as I go on to do my research I found out more similar kind of website using the same domain extension of XYZ. Domain extension has become a lot more creative these days, but I not a fan of such funny looking extension. First of all it doesn’t look good and secondly it make less trustful to visitors.


Is Payjob XYZ a scam? Yes, it is and my advice to you to avoid at all cause. It might cause you nothing to play around with it, but it’s wasting your precious time for gaining nothing. As mentioned above you, it’s impossible to get your earning as I can’t find any part that asking for payment method.

Paying you for the job you have done or any form of commission is very easy. The most common method is through PayPal easy and cheesy. I couldn’t find at all even there is I will avoid as the website itself can’t be trusted.

What Next?

You are looking for a legit way to make money online let me help you out. I was once like you feel curious and helpless on how making money online. The best and safest way is to try out affiliate marketing. Read my #1 Recommend Product or get our ebook for free to know how our journey on making money online.

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